The ready-for-anything navy raincoat

As I’ve gotten older, there are a few things that I’m constantly watching over.  The first is the slow encroachment of grey hairs on the sides of my head and the other is the weather conditions for the day ahead.

Living in the northeast means we’re subject to all types of unpredictable weather. Our wardrobe requires a wide range of garments to combat all the possibilities Mother Nature may throw at us.

My closet holds all your typical menswear cornerstones; a wool pea coat, a black topcoat and a classic tan trench. However, over the last few years, I’ve found myself constantly deferring to a simple navy raincoat.

navy raincoat outfit idea 2019

As Brian has stated, part of “having style” is knowing how to dress appropriately for any situation. In the unpredictable month of April, it’s shocking to watch the crowds of well-dressed gentlemen run around New York City streets without a proper raincoat. A great umbrella is an essential, but most raincoats aren’t just lightweight and functional, they’re timeless.

navy raincoat outfit idea 2019

When I want the flexibility of a waterproof coat with a more modern look and feel, I reach for my navy raincoat. Often referred to as a “Mackintosh” or “Mac” coat, this simple coat was pioneered by Charles Macintosh in 1824. It’s straightforward design doesn’t warrant much fanfare, but I’ve found that effortless garments fit my personal style best.

navy raincoat outfit idea 2019

navy raincoat outfit idea 2019

| WEARING | Navy Mac Raincoat (Similar), Glen Plaid Suit by Indochino, Kamakura Cutaway Collar Shirt, Shibumi Polka Dot Tie, “Fifth Avenue” by Allen Edmonds, Stuart and Lau “Cary” Briefcase, Swims Galoshes | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Mark Asuncion

navy raincoat outfit idea 2019

Few suggestions when finding the perfect raincoat: First, it should be completely waterproof. Second, make sure it hits at or above the knee. Finally, make sure it’s sized for how you intend to use it. If you’re wearing it with a suit, make sure to size up.

I love how effortless this navy raincoat looks. Wear it with brown, grey, tan, olive… It’s the quintessential companion for those awful days when you need to protect your sharply tailored suit.

Bonus tip: Leather soles and heavy rain don’t mix. Instead of bulky boots, I reach for a pair of galoshes. These rubber covers slide over your dress shoes and protect them from getting soaked. Slip them off when you’re inside and you’ll feel like a sartorial pro.

navy raincoat outfit idea 2019

While a tan trench coat might provide all the wet weather protection you need, having other options is never a bad thing. A navy raincoat might not be a priority when building your wardrobe, but It certainly can give you peace of mind when heading out into unfavorable weather conditions.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Steven D. Elliott
He Spoke Style


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