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dress up at home happy hour 2020
dress up at home happy hour 2020
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Why I Dress Up Every Friday For Happy Hour

May 8th, 2020

All dressed up and nowhere to go

With a global pandemic and stay-at-home orders at the forefront of our lives, worrying about our appearance has understandably waned. In one foul swoop, we went from looking our best on a daily basis to wearing the same pair of sweatpants for the third time this week.

Don’t worry, I’m just as guilty.

Ever the optimist, I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to maintain a certain sense of self, I should continue to do what makes me sane. For the past 6 weeks during quarantine, every Friday, I’ve routinely made it a habit of hosting a digital happy hour via my Instagram.

dress up at home happy hour

To be clear, I’m not doing it to keep up my social clout. Dressing up on Friday’s has brought a touch of normalcy back to my life that I never thought I would take for granted. A routine that helped me start my day with confidence had been taken from me and to be honest, I felt weird without it.

Dressing up again has also allowed me to utilize my closet better. Each week, I’ve challenged myself to pair different clothes that I might not otherwise have worn together. It’s been refreshing and I highly encourage others to try it.

dress up at home happy hour

Hosting this happy hour has given me the freedom to connect with some of the HSS readers. I’m humbled by the continued group of gentlemen who join me each week, sending me pictures of their look, cocktail in hand.

I look forward to continuing this Friday tradition. If you’re interested, join me via my Instagram every Friday 6-7 p.m.


Stylishly Yours,

Steven D. Elliott
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