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Sport Coats

Sport Coats

Whether dressed up or down, a sport coat is a foundational piece for any wardrobe.

While originally designed to be worn while participating in certain outdoor activities such as shooting and hunting, these days a sport coat is one of the best ways to look put together without overdoing it and to diversify and deepen your wardrobe, allowing you to transition from business to casual with ease.

How Our Process Works

Browse and select your garments

Each piece is highly considered and personally curated by HSS founder Brian Sacawa based on his own wardrobe. While shown in Brian’s suggested styling, each garment can be customized to meet your personal tastes.

Receive your try-on garment

Typically in less than two weeks you’ll receive your try-on garment and that will serve as a test where you will be able to review the fit to make any necessary adjustments.

Make Adjustments To Your Size

Once you receive your try-on garment, we will walk you through the process of how to assess the fit of your garment and make any necessary adjustments to achieve your personalized custom fit.

Receive your made-to-measure suit

In about four weeks after your test fitting, you will receive your final garment(s). Try not to gloat too much as your friends envy your new clothes.

To learn more, please read our FAQ.