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at home bar cart
at home bar cart
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Why My Bar Cart Is A Pandemic Lifesaver

September 21st, 2020

Praising the At-Home Bar Cart

There’s no question that over the last year our lives have changed and we’re having to spend more time at home than we would have otherwise. While social distancing might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, I’ve taken it upon myself to follow the stay-at-home recommendations and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures: my at-home bar cart.

at home bar cart

Much like we do with ​watches​ or​ shoes​, building or collecting gives us a calming sense of satisfaction. Think of a bar cart as another collection. My favorite part, aside from the drinks, are the stories behind how it was built up. Similar to developing your style, you learn your likes and dislikes and constantly add new things, even when you don’t necessarily need them.

Over the years​ ​I’ve generally followed a few rules when building my bar cart. Spirits will vary and I always purchase them based on the season. Plenty of good tequila, gin and vodka during the summer and a variety of whiskeys and dark spirits for the winter. I’m fairly set in my drink preferences so I typically only have sweet & dry vermouth and angostura bitters. The tools you use are important as well. I suggest checking out our necessary bar tools​ post and be sure to invest in great glassware.

at home bar cart

One of the biggest benefits of having a bar cart during this time of uncertainty are the savings. Having a drink at a restaurant can set you back $20 dollars in some cases. For those of us keeping our distance, spending time at home should still mean enjoying the cocktails we love, but at a fraction of the cost. Likewise, investing in a ​few great cocktail books​ can help expand that enjoyment even further.

From a mental perspective, having a bar cart at home has helped with slowing things down for me personally. Right now, we all have more time than we might have had pre-pandemic. Time to think, time to reflect, time to learn. Building a bar cart or making a cocktail requires all of the above.

at home bar cart

Lastly, as someone who always tries to be inclusive of others, I see my bar cart as a venue of sharing. Sharing memories, sharing knowledge and most important when the time comes, share a drink with others. To me, there’s no better sign of happy times than seeing a bare bar cart.

at home bar cart

Be sure to revisit some of our past articles and videos on the HSS website like ​spirit notes​, unconventional cocktails​ and ​budget friendly whiskeys​ that are worth buying. This is a great time to start something new. Upgrade your knowledge and consider building your very own bar cart.


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