The ultimate gentleman’s accessory for a rainy day

If you’re like us, rain is the bane of your existence. One quick downpour on the way to work and next thing you know you’re stuck for eight hours in the office with messy hair, damp clothing and squishy socks. That’s why we’re paranoid and carry an umbrella everywhere.

But just as much as rain itself can knock your style game down, so can a low-quality umbrella. Not only is it sure to collapse at the first hint of wind, but the effort and money you’ve put into your sharp-as-a-tack outfit goes to waste if you don’t finish it off right.

Instead, ditch the flimsy plastic models for something finished in wood – or leather if you’re feeling extra gentlemanly – and look damn good when the weather is at it’s worst.

Here, we’ve rounded up eight great options for a stylish wooden handle umbrella.


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