An incomplete list of acronyms that style and fashion people like to use

If you are just starting to get into men’s style, chances are your internet research has led you to various online forums where menswear nerds like to banter, posture and argue their cases about why such-and-such a rule is right and another is pure rubbish.

It’s a jungle out there! A jungle that can be somewhat pretentious, quite elitist and sometimes downright difficult to understand. For example, what follows is a sentence you’re apt to see in one of those forums:

After a trip to BB to pick up a perfect DB suit, I just had to get a MTM OCBD with the MOP buttons – anything OTR, even a BNWT PRL, just wouldn’t compare.

Yes, menswear, like the government, is full of acronyms. We’ve done a some posts highlighting a several examples that are used extremely commonly in the past. However, today, we’re rounding up 20 of the acronyms you are likely to encounter in your men’s style forum browsing.

20 Common Men’s Style Acronyms

3R2: Three Roll Two

AE: Allen Edmonds

BB: Brooks Brothers

BNWT: Brand New With Tags

CDB: Clarks Desert Boots

DB: Double-Breasted

EG: Edward Green

FIH: Four-In-Hand

LWB: Longwing Brogue

MOP: Mother Of Pearl

MTM: Made To Measure

OCBD: Oxford Cloth Button Down

OOTD: Outfit Of The Day

OTR: Off The Rack

PRL: Polo Ralph Lauren

PTB: Plain-Toe Blucher

RL: Ralph Lauren

RRL: Double RL

T&A: Turnbull & Asser

WIWT: What I Wore Today

This is obviously an incomplete list. If there are any you think we should include, please list them in the comments!

Thanks for reading.

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Brian Sacawa
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