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Celebrity January 16th, 2024

Red Carpet Style: All Our Favorite Menswear Looks

Celebrity January 16th, 2024

From The Emmys, Golden Globes & Critic’s Choice

We are just two weeks into the new year and it seems that Brian’s wish of “not trend chasing” in 2024 is already coming to fruition.

Between the Golden Globes, Critic’s Choice Awards and the Emmys, the red carpet has been surprisingly diverse with a tone of playfulness and creativity among men (and some women) that seem to be looking to expand beyond the traditional tuxedo attire.

As much as I enjoy manifesting Joan Rivers’s snarky spirit for my red carpet takes on Instagram Stories during the shows themselves, this spotlight is not about critiquing who did it right or wrong, rather to applaud the men of Hollywood for breaking out of the box.

The last few awards seasons up until now have been pretty expected and showcased overly safe looks from both men and women, so this shift is not only seismic, but extremely appreciated. But since this is HSS, after all, we’ll kick things off with some of our favorite classic looks.


Okay, I know I said this wasn’t a take on who did it right or wrong, but I do want to acknowledge the men that wore a more traditional look. Not just because they looked effortlessly handsome, but because the fit was tailored to perfection. Which, as we know, most men that are styled for these carpets do not have the same fate.

Jason Segal / Image via Vanity Fair

Bradley Cooper / Image via The Cut

Justin Theroux / Image via The New York Times

Trevor Noah / Image via Vanity Fair

Brett Goldstein / Image via Vogue


We don’t typically see so many men experimenting with color and are really enjoying the rich hues on display here.

Charles Melton / Image via The New York Times

Matt Bomer / Image via The New York Times

Tom Holland / Image via Elle

Men have been accessorizing for the last few award seasons, but something about jewelry with a monochromatic look, or an unexpected collar that feels like a perfect juxtaposition.

Coleman Domingo / Image via Vogue

Phil Dunster / Image via Vogue

John Batiste / Image via Vanity Fair

Coleman Domingo (again) / Image via Vanity Fair

Men have also been exploring an open neckline — Cillian and Jeremy with just one open button, and Jonathan, Ryan and Lenny showing much more. Which, I personally do not mind.

Cillian Murphy / Image via Vanity Fair

Jonathan Bailey / Image via Vanity Fair

Jeremy Allen White / Image via Elle

Ryan Gosling / Image via People

Lenny Kravitz / Image via Vanity Fair

Women In Menswear

It feels appropriate since men are inspired to take more risks, that (a lot of) women have been inspired by the boys and playing around with menswear pieces.

Ariana Greenblatt / Image via Vanity Fair

America Ferrera / Image via The Cut

Annette Bening / Image via Vanity Fair

Ayo Edebiri / Image via The New York Times

Sarah Snook / Image via The New York Times

Celine Song / Image via Vanity Fair

Stylishly Yours,

Robin Sacawa

Robin Sacawa is a Content Strategist with over 18+ years experience in social, editorial, digital, and influencer programs across Pharma, CPG, Women’s Health, Fashion, and Editorial Publications. Her focus is understanding the audience behaviors that fuel integrated programs, channel nuances, the need for innovation, and message hierarchy. All while having fun doing it! When Robin was two years old she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and she immediately said “a puppy.” This is still her dream

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Featured Image by The New York Times


Perhaps I’m giving away my vintage, but I remember GAP’s “Give Stripes/Love Train” ad from 2002. As a result of that wildly successful ad campaign, I asked for and received one of those scarves for Christmas that year. It was dark brown with a beige block stripe, and perfectly complemented my high school varsity jacket. While, like many people, I stopped wearing the jacket after high school, that scarf stayed with me and I wore it for the next decade-plus.

Since then, my tastes have evolved and, with many of my sartorial bases covered, I’ve begun to consider higher-quality accessories. An upgraded winter beanie/watch cap. Closer-fitting gloves. And, the scarf. Acrylic and nylon versions are plentiful and cheap; some of them may even look nice. They’ll certainly keep you warm. But, that’s about it. Synthetics don’t properly regulate your body heat and actually trap it inside. This results in overheating and sweating. The moisture on your skin then gets cold…which defeats the purpose of the scarf in the first place.