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Coat Goals, Recycling Denim & Wash And Go Suits

November 20th, 2017

This week’s can’t-miss menswear news from around the web

Coats tend to be investment pieces nowadays. And while the number of choices may be daunting, start with the basics, FFS: Function, Fabric, Silhouette.

If you happen to be into the quilted trend, right this way.

Or perhaps a peacoat?

Or, if you’re looking for a “Made in England” label, maybe Private White is more your style.

Big news here: Mr. Porter launches a new brand inspired by the classics and aptly named Mr P.

Taking a look at The Armoury is what I envision having a sneak peek into Brian’s dreams may look like.

…and this article stating that the future of menswear is athleisure is what my nightmares look like.

LET’S DISCUSS: Is Athleisure here to stay?

Zegna is the newest luxury brand hoping on the Millennial-bandwagon with wash and go suits.

On the other side of the spectrum, Stefano Ricci caters to billionaires.

Now, let’s talk shopping since, well, ’tis the season!

I’d be remiss to not remind you about the HSS shop. Now’s as good as a time as ever to put a unique (and affordable) vintage watch, or one of our limited edition items on your wish list.

Now for a bit of a teaser: If you’re in the DC metro area, keep an eye out for an announcement about a special holiday pop-up in early December where you can see some of these items (and Brian) in person!

Esquire did the heavy lifting rounding up where the best Black Friday deals can be found.

And finally, a good deal and something to feel good about: Blue Jeans Go Green has been recycling old denim into housing insulation with Madewell for years now. You can recycle your old jeans at Rag & Bone and earn 20% off your next denim purchase, or just mail them in.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Robin West
He Spoke Style

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