Answer: Made To Measure.

A made to measure (MTM) suit is cut from a pre-existing pattern but with more pattern variations to get closer to a proper fit.

MTM is sometimes referred to as Custom Suiting and frequently confused with Bespoke.

What’s the difference? Put simply, bespoke is completely handmade, while made to measure is made by machine, though there may be small elements of the garment that are hand done.

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A made to measure suit program gives the consumer a high degree of control. You choose the fabric, buttons, lapels, pockets, lining, and so on. The amount of control will vary from program to program. Some may allow you a choice of only a few options, while others are more comprehensive and may offer up to 15 or more choices on details.

The good? More control, higher quality, a more custom fit.

The bad? A bit more expensive, 4-8 week delivery time, plus allowances for any alterations needed once the garment arrives and you are fitted.

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