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wind up watch fair nyc
wind up watch fair nyc

Wind Up Watch Fair By Worn & Wound

December 13th, 2019

Visiting the Wind Up Watch Fair

Like a lot of the readers here at HSS, my affinity for watches started when I was younger. I had just started learning what dressing well was about and realized that I didn’t own one of the most understated accessories a man can own; a watch. My first was an old field watch that ticked louder than your grandmother’s egg timer. It wasn’t much, but it got me started into the world of timepieces.

While I was fairly content owning only one dress watch and one sport watch, it wasn’t until I saw Brian’s Watch Collection video that I was bitten by the bug. I started investing time (no pun intended) into learning about horology and the vast history behind different companies. I fell in love with the stories and intricacies of different watches and the movements of each.

wind up watch fair nyc

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit one of the more exciting events of the year. Worn & Wound hosted their Windup Watch Fair, a three-day long watch event. Held here in NYC, they featured a range of curated watch brands, accessories and ephemera. It was designed to bring watch enthusiasts and brands together to engage in a fun and approachable environment. Best thing about it–it was completely free!

My first impressions of the event were 100% positive. Already packed with attendees, I quickly learned that the event was less about being sold a watch and more about getting your hands on them and talking to the people who make them. Far from your typical boutique experience, I found myself talking to others at the event and like most them, was a novice at these types of gatherings. It was fun, communal and really opened me up to getting to more of them.

The event focused on watches between the range of $250 – $2500. Along with a few vintage and second-hand sellers present, the event offered plenty of watch accessories as well, such as straps, watch rolls, watch boxes, winders and servicing.

Even though I promised my wife I wouldn’t spend any money, I was tempted. Aside from the handful of well-known Swiss brands in attendance, the majority of the watchmakers were microbrands that I wouldn’t have ever considered before seeing them in person. Enjoy them for what they are: affordable and good looking. Not every watch you own has to be expensive. There’ve never been more options in watches than there are right now. Below were a few standouts that I may add to my growing collection:

| WEARING (left to right) | Junghans Meister Telemeter Chronograph, Baltic Watches Aquascaphe Diver, Oris Big Crown Pointer Date (Red), Christopher Ward C65 Dartmouth Series 1 |

If you’re like me and just beginning your watch collection, first start off by educating your self here on He Spoke Style. Next, attend events like the Wind Up Watch Fair, so that you can try on several watches to learn what you do and don’t like. Lastly, make sure to do your research and only buy what you love.

Your next chance to visit Wind Up Watch Fair by Worn and Wound will be in San Francisco in March 2020.

Thanks for reading.

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