Luckily, style and utility go hand-in-hand in the menswear world

Lately I’ve been feeling like the old “April flowers bring May flowers” saying needs to be updated. I think we had something like 15 straight days of rain here. Nothing dampens the spirits quite like a dreary, rainy day.

However, part of “having style” is knowing how to dress appropriately for any situation , to include the weather. I see too many guys wearing the right clothing for the rain and looking soaked and sloppy as a result. Nothing stylish about that.

Here are a few things to help stay dry in style.

shoes for rain men

shoes for rain men

| WEARING | Burberry trench coat, Barena waistcoat, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece shirt, J.Crew jeans, Rolex Datejust watch, L.L. Bean rain shoes | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

If the forecast calls for rain, the first coat I reach for is my trench. It can be styled in a variety of ways, is water repellent, and is a truly iconic piece of outerwear.

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Knowing how to dress for any situation also means that you’ve planned ahead and have the right accessories. For the rain, that’s an umbrella. Like most things we don’t use that often, it’s easy to keep kicking the can down the road – “Oh, I’ll get a decent umbrella before the next time it’s pouring outside.”

Only you never do and one of two things happens: you get soaking wet (again) or you pay too much for a flimsy POS from opportunistic street vendors or Duane Reade.

shoes for rain men

Guys have a few options when it comes to footwear for the rain. Rubber shoe covers, some sort of rain shoe/boot or just ruining your nice leather shoes.

Galoshes are an option for the businessman who needs to look good in the office or at a meeting and doesn’t feel like carrying his dress shoes while wearing a rain-specific boot or shoe. I remember my dad wearing them when I was growing up.

If I’m headed nowhere in particular – i.e. no meetings that require me to be dressed up – I really like the L.L. Bean rain moc. I sometimes walk through puddles while wearing them. Just because I can.

shoes for rain men

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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