While we were up to the normal Monday routine, Brian was driving a Ferrari up and down the California coast last week. If that wasn’t hard enough, we got to taste Louis XIII when he flew back. Indeed, it was a tough week…

Stay tuned for more coverage of both experiences coming to the site, very soon.

In other news:

Is “dapper” a dirty word?

Memorial Day weekend is a few days away and that means it’s all about ‘white’. If you’re looking to add a white blazer to your wardrobe, David Gandy is doing it well. If that’s too risky for you, try a tan variation.

If the weekend becomes a rain-out, we highly recommend watching The Nice Guys. A bit slapstick, a bit retro, a bit of Ryan Gosling. What else do you need?

Everything comes down to negotiation. Luckily, you only need these 10 steps to finesse your skills.

Are you 31 and still living with roommates? You are not alone.

Yes, a gentleman should wear a double-breasted blazer. And yes, he can have multiple colors.

If you want to go full-blown British, check out Mr. Porter’s newly launched “Kingsman” collection.

These kids that took their pets to prom had the right idea.

Thanks for reading.

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