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The Philips OneBlade Pro: A Review

November 22nd, 2017

Taking the revolutionary hybrid grooming tool for a test drive

In partnership with Amazon and Philips.

When it comes to how you present yourself, personal grooming is just as important as the clothes you wear. After all, the nicest and best-fitting clothing won’t do a thing for you if you’re not paying equal attention to your hair, beard, stubble, sideburns, and any number of other places men have hair. It’s a multi-faceted issue that requires a multipurpose device.

Now, what would the perfect men’s grooming tool look like? To be honest, it might actually look a lot like the Philips OneBlade Pro. I’ve had the opportunity to be testing it out over the past month, so let’s take a look at everything it’s capable of.

philips oneblade pro review

What Can You Do With The OneBlade Pro?

1. Shaving.

Personally, I’m not a big electric shaver guy – I much prefer the ritual of my safety razor and shave brush – but in a pinch it’s nice to have a non-analog option. Actually, although I rarely use an electric shaver on my face, I do like to police the hair on the back of my neck that seems to grow in too fast after a fresh haircut. And the OneBlade Pro is the perfect tool to keep that in check.

If you are going to use the OneBlade Pro as a shaver, there are a few things you’ll be excited to know. First, the head is flexible and follows the contour of your face, which makes for both an effective and comfortable shave.

philips oneblade pro review

Additionally, the OneBlade Pro’s unique shaving technology integrates a fast moving cutter – 200 times per second – with dual protection system to give an efficient and comfortable shave on longer hairs. Because of that speed, you can shave with or against the grain without fear of painful snags.

And finally, yes, the OneBlade Pro can be used in wet or dry conditions.

2. Trimming.

By far, one of my favorite features of the OneBlade Pro is its trimming capability. I like to roll with a little stubble (even though my mother doesn’t particularly care for it) and there’s a very fine line between my beard being just the right length or a little too long. The snap-on attachment lets me quickly glide between 14 lengths for optimal permashadow maintenance.

philips oneblade pro review

Additionally, because of the number of length options and the ease with which you can change them, I find the OneBlade Pro to be a great tool to give myself a little fade at the edges of my hair when it starts to grow back in at about the one and a half week point after a haircut. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it as a tool for manscaping and to trim your eyebrows, the latter of which is actually a topic I’ll be covering in more detail in a couple weeks.

3. Edging.

Whether it’s sideburns or the back of your neck, the OneBlade Pro comfortably and quickly cuts a very clean line. You’re working with a dual-sided blade so you can shave in either direction and get great visibility to see every hair that you’re cutting.

philips oneblade pro review

OneBlade v. OneBlade Pro?

The OneBlade Pro boasts some significant upgrades to the classic OneBlade that are worth pointing out and worth the extra investment.

First and foremost, is the adjustable precision comb. Unlike the first OneBlade, which had only three length settings (1, 3, 5mm), the OneBlade Pro has 14 and can take you from 0.4-10mm with a quick turn of the dial.

philips oneblade pro review

With the first generation OneBlade, it took eight hours of charging for 45 minutes of power. Not ideal. However, that issue has been more than taken care of. With the OneBlade Pro, you’ll get 90 minutes of power with just one hour to charge fully. Pretty impressive, honestly. And you’ve actually got an LED power indicator so you know exactly how much juice you’re working with at all times.

philips oneblade pro review

Summary: What We Like

It should be pretty obvious that the Philips OneBlade Pro is a product I wholeheartedly endorse. Let’s recap several highlights:

– Blade system that works comfortably with and against the grain
– Trimming attachment with 14 length settings is perfect for stubble, beards, eyebrows, minor fading jobs and manscaping
– Can be used in wet or dry conditions
– Recharges quickly
– Durable and lightweight construction makes it a great travel companion

If you’re planning on buying one for yourself (or a gift), I would recommend picking up this carrying case as the pouch doesn’t provide optimal protection while traveling. And even though the blades are good for four months, consider adding some
replacement blades as well.

The Philips OneBlade Pro retails for $69.95. Click here to purchase from Amazon.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

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