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Paul Newman’s Daytona, Michael Caine’s Style & The Best James Bond

June 5th, 2017

We’re back with this week’s must-read men’s style news

19 Father’s Day gifts that don’t suck.

Paul Newman’s own Daytona is for sale and will be auctioned off this October.

Speaking of iconic men, let’s take a moment to reflect on Michael Caine’s amazing style.

This is why Sir Roger Moore was the best Bond.

Montblanc launched on Mr. Porter this week with a look as to why this brand is worth the investment.

Look out for London street style soon!

The progenitor of hip-hop fashion (and fashion remix) is getting a lot of attention right now.

Because the “romphim” isn’t insane enough, there are now pastel lace shorts to be considered.

Instead, let’s consider one of my personal favorite items for spring that re-emerges every few years – the safari jacket.

And finally, some good old fashioned 1970s inspiration.

Thanks for reading.

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