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ettinger london turnbull asser nyc fall winter 2019
ettinger london turnbull asser nyc fall winter 2019

Ettinger London Arrives at Turnbull & Asser NYC

October 25th, 2019

Ettinger Arrives in NYC

Ettinger, one of Britain’s finest luxury leather accessories brands, announced the opening of its USA ‘Flagship Residency’ in Turnbull & Asser’s New York Townhouse located in the heart of Manhattan this past week.

The opening represented the coming together of two leading luxury specialists and Royal Warrant holders celebrating British craftsmanship and storied heritage. Founded in 1934, Ettinger was awarded the honor in 1996 and this year marks its 85th Anniversary.

Ettinger’s extensive portfolio of British-made luxury leather wallets, accessories and bags were on full display. They recently launched ‘Ettinger Bespoke’, a personalization option for all of its leather accessories and canvas bags. With their canvas bag personalization option, you can add up to five embroidered characters on your chosen bag.

ettinger london turnbull asser nyc fall winter 2019

What I love about Ettinger London products is their attention to detail. You’re truly getting the finest luxury leather that’s made in the UK. I was drawn to their wide range of colored leathers. Each vivid in color and with a flawless finish. The brand holds true to its British style; stayed and sophisticated on the outside, but bold and interesting underneath it all.

Just in time for the coming holiday season, this flask looks like a perfect gift for a good friend or even a gift for myself! They also have valet trays, passport covers, card cases and even watch rolls. Be Sure to check out the HSS Shop for more Ettinger Products.

ettinger london turnbull asser nyc fall winter 2019

Speaking of watches… with so many well-dress gentlemen in attendance, I had to photograph what they were wearing. A fascinating range of both old and new timepieces, each with a significant story behind them.

I also had a wonderful conversation with Robert Ettinger, the current owner of the company. After an introduction, my eyes were immediately drawn to his watch. An Art Deco Eterna from the 1920s passed down to him from his father, Gerry.

Robert then spoke of the story behind the unique strap it was on. A young leather apprentice who came through his factory wanted to show appreciation for his guidance. Robert was lucky enough to receive this as a thank you from that first year leatherworker. A great story from a man who really values everyone at his company and even those he meets in passing.

Want to see more from Ettinger London? Check out more of their luxury leather goods on their website HERE.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Steven D. Elliott
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Photography Courtesy of Elliot Hammer

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