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5 Stylish Sneakers We’re Loving Right Now

May 1st, 2024

Let’s take a close look at our favorite men’s sneakers right now.

It’s that first unseasonably warm day of spring and you find yourself on a patio, mid-afternoon, with good friends, no obligations, and a refreshing gin and tonic in hand. What’s on your feet? Stylish sneakers that are perfectly paired with your effortlessly cool, casual attire. Can you picture it? I bet you can!

Shoes get noticed. Shoes can make the outfit. The flip side is that the wrong pair of shoes can wreck even the hippest threads. The right pair of shoes allow you to walk into any situation with the confidence that you can handle it. They allow you to float across social settings. Choosing the right sneakers is critical to completing your summer wardrobe.

So, it is sneaker weather again and here are the five pairs that we’re loving right now.


Koio Capri Triple White

Looking for the cleanest of all clean looks? The Koio Capri Triple White leather sneaker may be exactly what you are looking for. These beautiful sneakers are handcrafted with the finest materials in Tuscany, Italy. They are solid white (triple white even!) and take the cake in the minimalist aesthetic category.

The Capri Triple Whites are constructed from 100-percent full grain Italian leather and feature hand-painted accents. This is an unbelievable detail that showcases just how much time and attention goes into crafting this shoe.

An added bonus is the focus on sustainability with Koio products. While made of leather, much of the material used in the shoe is made from recycled materials. According to Koio, even up to 40-percent of the rubber sole of the shoe is made of recycled materials. This makes the Capri sneaker not only the freshest option for summertime attire, it is also one the most environmentally sound.


Grant Stone Coast Sneaker

One of the advantages of the modern sneaker is that when it is executed properly, it can effortlessly be dressed up and down flexing to whatever environment you might find yourself in. The Grant Stone Coast Butter Suede sneaker is a perfect example of a versatile pair of shoes that can take you right from the late afternoon staff meeting across the street to happy hour with friends.

These sneakers, in their muted color and textured suede appearance, make it easy to pair with virtually anything in your closet. They will look right at home with denim jeans or compliment a more business casual look with a hopsack suit or chinos and a blazer. Suede shoes will add a pop or texture to your footwear lineup. They are both elegant and casual and that is a combination that is highly sought after in the warmer months.


Wolf And Shepherd Victory Crossover Trainer

The Crossover Victory Trainer is perhaps the most elegant sneaker built for the active, day-to-day life I believe I have ever come across. Designed for both comfort and style, this shoe will integrate seamlessly into your existing casual wardrobe.

The design is a bit more in the realm of activewear and sporty, yet the carefully curated color combinations lend an air of sophistication that is not often replicated within the sneaker world.

These shoes are extremely breathable and lightweight, due in large part to the use of a foam injected scuba lining and mesh uppers. The full grain leather trimming elevates these sneakers beyond just typical tennis shoes.

Aesthetically, these sneakers walk a delicate balance between athletic and classy and, frankly, they pull it off well! The detailed accents such as a rich brown leather tongue accentuate the classic elements of the shoe while the sole and lacing harken to more sporty looks. Overall, this is a great hybrid sneaker suitable for nearly any casual occasion.


New Balance 9060

With the New Balance 9060, we step firmly into the world of more traditional athletic sneakers. This shoe has a classic heritage and, honestly, should be a part of everyman’s shoe collection. Available in a variety of colorways, the 9060 has a singular purpose: your comfort.

New Balance has made an art out of providing comfort in sneakers using a variety of cushioned materials and signature supports. Comfort isn’t the only thing the 9060s bring to the table. They are also downright retro at heart and, when styled correctly, will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

The available color options provide something for everyone. There are options in nice, subtle neutral colors as well as the bolder blues and purples. Make these shoes your weekend companions and you’ll be the hippest guy at the hardware store on Saturday mornings.


Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainers

Steering back toward a more European vibe, the Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainers give off sleek, minimalist vibes with a twist of the soccer pitch. The simple blue and white color combo is as modern classic as it gets.

These are a low cut sneaker making them ideal for warm weather. The quality materials that are used ensure that these will age well and be around in your closet for a good while. One point in the sustainability column! Also, the leather on these shoes is sourced from Arzignano, Italy and was selected because it met specific requirements designating it as environmentally sound. Two points in the sustainability column!

Perhaps the most interesting feature of these shoes is the artfully rounded toe. This very well thought out design lends a level of sophistication to sneakers that instantly stand out. In fact, it is one of the most recognizable features of the shoe.

The Bottom Line

Winter weather is on sabbatical. Do yourself — and your feet — a favor and treat yourself to a pair of fresh new sneakers. You deserve it.

The sneakers listed above are stylish, sustainable, and versatile. You certainly can’t go wrong with any of them. There are options to suit your lifestyle whether you trend toward more athletic pursuits or you are seeking something that will elevate your business casual needs.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Logan Morford

Logan Morford is a Communications Director in Lexington, Kentucky. His interest in menswear really took off in his late 20s as his career necessitated a more polished look for meetings and travel. His work, combined with a healthy love of James Bond and the idea of the gentleman spy, serves as the inspiration. He lives with his beautiful wife who instilled the idea of fashion being able to evoke emotion when she gifted him with a vintage engraved OMEGA. They both love getting dressed up for date nights to remind them of when they were first dating, and hope to instill this love of classic fashion and civility into their young daughter.

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