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taking care your clothes
taking care your clothes
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Taking Care Of Your Clothing: The Essential Tools

September 20th, 2017

Protect your investments with these 5 clothing care essentials

If you care about your wardrobe, chances are it’s a considerable investment. One can only assume that if you read He Spoke Style; you likely enjoy dressing up and aren’t throwing your jeans and t-shirts in a pile by the bed. We also hope it means you’re not resorting to the same sniff test employed by a 14-year-old.

So how do you care for your clothes? How do you ensure they stay in pristine condition?

The answer is that if you’re willing to invest in high-quality menswear, you need to be willing to invest in taking care of it, protecting it, and repairing it.

Before we get into products worth having, the two most important clothing care essentials are the following:

1. A good alterations tailor.
2. A great dry cleaner.

Now, let’s move onto the essential products.


taking care your clothes

If you wouldn’t buy a suit at Walmart, why would you buy your hangers from there? If you wear suits and blazers, you need high-quality solid wood hangers. Butler Luxury makes some exceptional ones and you need to invest in the proper hanger for each article of clothing. A jacket or coat hanger for your suits and blazers; trouser hangers for your pants; shirt hangers for your dress shirts. It’s just as important to make sure your closet is organized. Keep your jackets spaced out, so they don’t crush each other and focus on ensuring everything hangs properly without creases.

Iron & Steamer

taking care your clothes

If you don’t have a good iron, get one. Now. Reliable – great name – makes some very, well, reliable and well-made irons. Rowenta is another brand worth looking at. You don’t need a commercial one, but you do need one that won’t destroy your clothes. The same goes for a steamer. Any man who invests in menswear should have a steamer that he doesn’t also call the shower.

Suit Bags

taking care your clothes

The bag your suit often arrives in from the store isn’t just for travel. It also makes an excellent accessory that can keep your suit in pristine condition as it hangs in your closet waiting to be worn. These garment bags are especially useful for storing seasonal clothes and needn’t be expensive.

Clothing Brush

taking care your clothes

Forget the lint roller; the clothing brush is what you need. Not only is it more effective, but it doesn’t harm the fabric of your finest threads. A good quality clothes brush will last many years and will quickly become your most valuable tool for ensuring you always look dapper and neat.

Shoe Care

taking care your clothes

Shoes are often left for the cobbler. The most rakish men know that shoes aren’t just an accessory, but are actually one of the core components of dress. Having a shoe shine kit, shoe horn and shoe trees are vital to ensuring your shoes last and look great every time you put them on.

Thanks for reading.

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