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dry cleaning price list
dry cleaning price list
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Keep It Clean: A Dry Cleaning Price List

September 28th, 2017

A complete dry cleaning price list

Having the right wardrobe means nothing if you don’t take care of those clothes. And perhaps the most fundamental aspect of clothing care is following the laundering instructions. When it says ‘dry clean only,’ don’t mess around, take your things to the dry cleaner.

Fortunately, these tend to be pieces that you don’t wear often, and also don’t sit directly on your skin, which keeps them from getting overly stinky. However, you’re going to end up at the dry cleaner at some point, and it’s good to know what to expect. Here’s a rundown of typical dry cleaning costs.

Typical Dry Cleaning Costs

Two-Piece Suit: $10-$15

Three-Piece Suit: $13-$18

Blazer: $6-$10

Vest: $4-$7

Light Jacket: $13-$20

Coat: $15-$25

Pants: $5-$8

Shorts: $4-$7

Shirt: $5-$7

Sweaters: $4-$9

Ties: $3-6

It’s worth noting that while dry cleaning is really the only way to go for certain pieces of clothing, it essentially involves chemically burning off the top layer of your garment. It’s important to keep your clothing clean, but dry cleaning too often will take a toll on its overall lifespan.

Also, most of the country will land in the lower end of the ranges listed. Folks in more expensive cities like NYC or San Francisco will find themselves on the higher end. That said, it’s actually not a huge swing either way. Regardless of where you live, if you keep a decent rotation, take care of your clothes while you’re wearing them and maintain proper storage at home, you can keep your dry cleaning bills pretty reasonable.

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