Giving you a glimpse of my closet system

Today, I’m giving you a tour of my closet! Frequently requested, I am excited to finally give you a look into my closet and how I keep everything organized.

Robin and I live in a open-floor plan loft apartment, so that means that closet space is more or less limited. There is a walk-in closet in the apartment, but when you’ve got a stylish SO, that means there’s not a whole lot of room in that closet.

Though we did try to figure out a way to outfit the walk-in closet to suit both of our needs, we finally determined that it would simply be too cramped, so I handed over the walk-in closet to Robin and embarked on finding my own solution.

The system I decided on after a lot of thought, design and comparison was from the Container Store – their Elfa system. Highly customizable, practical and, of course, very stylish. Checks all the boxes! I’m pretty pleased with how it’s configured and how everything came out.

I realize that I left out a lot of details in terms of the specific brands of some of my clothing, shoes and accessories, but I didn’t want this video to get super, super long. However, if you’re interested in knowing more, I can definitely shoot a follow-up to get more detailed. Just let me know in the comments – though you certainly get all of the outfit details in every post.

Thanks for watching.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style


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