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burberry trench mens 2017
burberry trench mens 2017

Transitional Outerwear: The 3/4 Length Trench Coat

September 25th, 2017

Four reasons why the fall transition is the perfect 3/4 length trench coat weather

There’s so much to love about fall, but it can also be a sartorial struggle. We’ve all been there. You wake up in the morning to an early frost and throw on some extra layers, but by noon the sun is beaming and your cozy outfit has entered sweat city.

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For these times, a piece of perfect transitional outerwear is your best friend – we’re talking something that shelters you from the elements, but doesn’t bog you down in unneeded and cumbersome insulation. To that end, it doesn’t get much better than a 3/4-length length trench coat. Sure, there are plenty of stylish and functional options, but a 3/4-length trench covers your bases in a way that other jackets don’t. Let’s get right into it.

when to wear trench coat weather

1. Protection. First, you get some water protection. Which is key, because along with those swinging temps comes rain, fog, and dampness. ‘April showers’ may be the more common term, but October and November have their fair share of precipitation as well. At the very least, any trench coat will be water resistant, and many are fully waterproof. When your sunny fall morning turns into a downpour of an afternoon, you’re going to be thankful for that protection.

when to wear trench coat weather

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2. Seasonal. Second, from a style standpoint, you get all the benefits of a full trench but get to hang onto that warmer-weather vibe for just a bit longer. Just like any trench coat style, the look is timeless and classic, and while a full trench might not even be that much warmer, it looks like a more serious jacket. And as great as fall is, let’s face it – none of us are ready for winter yet!

3. Practical. A 3/4-length trench is also a very practical choice. The shorter length, combined with the traditionally more lightweight trench coat fabric, makes the piece far less bulky to carry around. When the sun does come out and it becomes too warm for the coat, a full trench, or pretty much any other respectable outerwear, is a real pain in the you know what to lug around.

when to wear trench coat weather

4. Versatile. Finally, it’s versatile as all get-out. It has the structure and clean lines to look sharp as hell over a tailored suit, but is also relaxed and easy-going enough to work with a sweater and jeans. On top of that, the traditional khaki color matches with all of the menswear standards. A navy cotton suit, a toothy grey tweed, dark blue jeans, or a denim jacket, take your pick – practically nothing clashes!

when to wear trench coat weather

Now, I’ll be honest. I love lightweight jackets, and my closet is full of more than I could ever need. But if I really had to pare that down, or was stranded on an island that somehow had the climate of northeastern USA, a transitional 3/4-length trench is just damn hard to beat.

Thanks for reading.

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