Is it just us, or is the internet and the people on it getting more strange as each week passes? And no, only one of the below headlines happened on April Fool’s day.

We too are sad/bummed/worried about the changes to Instagram, but begging followers to #TurnMeOn is a huge turn off.

You can never have too many watches, and the Stefano Berner for The Rake watch strap is a classic and Paul Newman-ish way to update the watches you already have in rotation.

Which guy is more concerning: the guy who hijacked a plane to win back an ex, or the guy who creepily smiled while having his photo taken with him?

Tesla has finally created a car for the non-affluent. Do you think the masses are going to embrace it?

Best of April Fool’s jokes: A little sad that this “election insurance” was an April Fools’ joke, as it may come in handy. Gold star to them, Quilted Northern for the brand’s artisanal toilet paper, and H&M for their Mark Zuckerberg line of t-shirts and jeans. And a token throwback to ours from a couple years ago.

Need some inspiration on how to nail business casual? How about some inspiration for each day in April?

We’ve all seen it. That moment that you can see your dog questioning your sanity written all over his face.

We’re hoping that the person behind the State Department’s #springbreakingbadly tweets was an intern and not a middle-aged man.

If you have Taylor-hate like me, steer clear of this video featuring Taylor Swift rapping (and falling) to Drake. If you have love in your heart for her like Brian, watch away.

If you’re in NYC and want great cocktails, we recommend trying the newly opened Suffolk Arms.

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