Fans of the blog know that being “on trend” isn’t really my style. Sure, there are elements of what might be considered trendy or in fashion that I like to adopt into my personal dress, but chasing trends is not an activity I chose to participate in. Having said that, there’s an emerging trend that I am extremely excited about and wanted to share with you: pajamas as workwear. Here are some of the many advantages of pajamas in the workplace.

Trend Watch: Pajamas at Work - He Spoke Style

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With many workplaces requiring employees to put in longer hours and do more with less, pajamas allow you to easily transition from day to night to overnight in the office, ensuring maximum productivity. Also, consistently putting in overnight sessions will demonstrate to your boss an unprecedented commitment to the company, which will increase your chances for advancement exponentially.

As with any trend, my motto is go big or go home. Choose pajamas in a bold color or pattern and don’t be afraid to engage in some playful pattern mixing or juxtaposition. Those interested in professional development may want to opt for an elastic waistband rather than a drawstring.

Trend Watch: Pajamas at Work - He Spoke Style

Trend Watch: Pajamas at Work - He Spoke Style

Remember, the devil is always in the details. Just like how letting the skinny end of your tie hang just a little lower than the larger end can project sartorial sophistication as casual nonchalance, one sock inside out can have the same effect. This look is definitely not for everyone, but as long as you can do it with confidence, it will look right.

Trend Watch: Pajamas at Work - He Spoke Style

This Look: Shirt c/o Johnston & Murphy – Pajama pants by U-Trau (old, similar here) – Glasses by Bellagio (similar here) – Watch by Timex – Socks c/o ASOS – Slippers by Gap (old, similar here)

Could you pull off pajamas at work?

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Photography by Ive McRobber Photo.


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