Honestly, why would you want to?

We all know that linen is one of the best fabrics to wear during the summer. It’s light, it’s breathable, and that helps to keep you cool. However, more than any other fabric, linen loves to wrinkle. Today, we’re tackling the question of whether or not you can actually keep linen from wrinkling when you wear it.

keep linen from wrinkling

The short answer, my friends, is unfortunately a hard “no”. Linen, like cotton, is going to wrinkle when you wear it. It doesn’t matter how careful you are when walking, sitting, or crossing your legs. It’s simply a fact of life and unless you go through your day like a mannequin – not recommended – you’re going to acquire some wrinkles along the way. You’ve just got to learn to embrace the suck.

keep linen from wrinkling

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But to be honest, those very wrinkles make up some of the charm of wearing linen clothing. To me, linen simply looks better when it looks a little worn and lived in. As a fabric, it’s already got some interesting texture via the weave, and some wrinkling only serves to add even more character. Linen without wrinkles can just look stiff.

Now, I’m not suggesting you wear wrinkled clothing – you should always leave the apartment in the morning looking freshly pressed. And there are a few ways to make sure your linen clothing has a fresh start before heading out the door.

keep linen from wrinkling

Ironing. For the best results, it’s best to iron your linen shirts and trousers when they’re a little damp. I use a high steam setting on my iron in conjunction with a little spray mist. This is especially helpful for getting that sharp crease on your trousers.

Steaming. While I like ironing the crease in my trousers, my preferred method for getting my linen clothing ready is to use a steamer. It’s gentler on the shirts and if your jacket is a high-quality fabric, the wrinkles should just fall right out with a little steam. My LG Styler is perfect for this, though I understand it’s not as practical, in terms of space, or affordable as you might wish.

Starching. I do not recommend starching linen clothing. Can you? Yes, of course. But remember, it’s the wrinkles that appear in your linen clothing throughout the day that give them their unique look. Nothing looks less attractive than a linen shirt that looks like it could be cardboard.

keep linen from wrinkling

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