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Johan Wikström & The Blending Of Classic And Modern

Speaking Style February 21st, 2024

Today we’re pleased to feature Mr. Johan Wikström, a menswear enthusiast from Helsinki, Finland.

Regular HSS readers will already be familiar with Johan as one of our exceptional contributors. And those not already familiar with his work will have no doubt seen Johan pop up in their Instagram feeds as The Sartorial Finn, where he showcases his classic style infused with modern influences as well as his excellent photography.

Johan is a firm believer in dressing well as a sign of respect for both oneself and others. In this post, we’ll be learning more about Johan’s favorite pieces, his go-to brands, and how his style has evolved over time. We’ll also be getting a glimpse into his daily life and finding out what it means to him to be well-dressed. So, sit back, relax, and join us on this stylish journey.

Tell us a little bit about where you live and what you do.

I’m from Helsinki, Finland, where I’m an executive at a data and analytics consultancy company. It’s an industry that’s not really known for dressing in more formal clothes, however, I used to work at a law firm and that’s when I started to get really nurture my passion for classic menswear.

What’s your earliest memory of being into menswear?

When I was really young I remember my father always wearing suits and ties and I thought he looked cool! I also remember I was very excited when we did a made to measure suit for my confirmation celebration when I was 15 years old and I was really proud of the suit (although I don’t think I wore it more than once or twice).

How would you describe your style?

I like to think my style is quite classic and restrained with a bit of playfulness and modern influences. In general, I wear quite muted colors and fit-wise, I usually stay pretty close to a classic fit, meaning not going overboard with wearing either too slim or too wide cuts.

Tell us about what you’re wearing here.

I’m wearing a brown chalk stripe flannel suit from the Finnish tailor shop Caine Clothiers, paired together with a blue striped shirt from Proper Cloth and a burgundy silk tie from Shibumi Firenze. The overcoat is a beige double-breasted wool also from a Finnish tailor shop called Vaatturiliike Sauma. The shoes are a pair of Oxfords by Carlos Santos.

In this outfit, I went for a modern interpretation of how to wear a classic chalk stripe flannel suit. The brown color of the suit makes the suit a bit different from the usual gray chalk stripes that are maybe more commonly seen, and the light beige jacket tones down the formality.

What does it mean to be well-dressed and why is it important?

For me being well dressed means that I get to dress in a way that makes me feel happy and confident. In addition, I think dressing well is a way of showing respect for your environment and others.

What are some of your favorite brands?

This is a hard one. I enjoy trying a lot of different brands and as such I’m not a loyalist towards any one single brand. I’ve been wearing Poszetka quite a lot for the past few years and I also really like Mond of Copenhagen.

Most recent menswear (or accessory) purchase?

I just bought a taupe-colored double-breasted overcoat as I have found myself a bit lacking in the overcoat department.

Favorite piece in your closet?

Tough choice! At the moment I’d say it’s the double-breasted brown chalk stripe flannel suit that I’m wearing here! It’s not the most versatile piece, but I really love the fit of the suit and all the proportions and details of the suit are spot on.

Most-worn item in your closet?

I’m quite sure… it’s either a pair of off-white heavy cotton twill trousers or an indigo denim shirt.

How has your style changed over time?

I used to be very fashion-oriented and dressed according to whatever trend was out there at the time. Around five years ago, when I shifted my style towards classic menswear, initially I wore slimmer suits with narrower lapels and shorter jackets and trousers. I also wore more “loud” pieces with bolder colors or patterns. My style has become a lot more muted and I’ve evolved to appreciate clothing that fits more generously. You’ll see me wearing more casual clothes too such as denim, chunky cardigans, and knitted tees or polos.

Do you have a “style icon”?

I really like the style of Cary Grant, Paul Newman and Gianni Agnelli to name a few.

Favorite book?

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.

Favorite movie?

Easy. “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

After a long day, how do you unwind?

After a long day at work, I like going to the gym to empty my mind and just focus on the weights. After this when I get home, I lie on the couch and watch TV which gets me extremely relaxed. I find it hard to unwind straight from work.

Stylishly Yours,

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