I’ve noticed that my weekend style has started to become very Jerry Seinfeld-esque

Jerry Seinfeld and ‘style icon’ are a name and a term you probably wouldn’t think to associate. And I’m not saying that they should be associated.

As a matter of fact, if you’re in the habit of watching old Seinfeld episodes on Hulu, like me, you may have decided that Jerry Seinfeld could be a poster child for one of many men’s style mistakes.

Proper fit didn’t really seem to be a key consideration. But hey, it was the 1990s, and who really cared if their flannel shirt fit perfectly in the shoulders? Actually, the “right” fit for a grunge-inspired flannel look was bigger and baggier.

jerry seinfeld style

I found myself thinking about this recently as I watched “The Jacket” (Season 2, Episode 3). Jerry drops an undisclosed amount of money – George estimates upwards of $1K – on what is a transformative garment for him; a beautiful suede jacket not too unlike one of my favorites.

But looking at that jacket on Jerry – as nice as it was – through my mid-2010s eyes, all I wanted to do was to scream, “But, it doesn’t fit in the shoulders!” You have to imagine me saying that while doing my Seinfeld impression to get the full effect.

jerry seinfeld style

| WEARING | Topman bomber jacket, J.Crew shirt, Levi’s jeans, Common Projects sneakers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Matters of fit notwithstanding, there is something to be learned from Jerry Seinfeld’s style. (At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself as I’ve noticed myself dressing in a very Seinfeld-esque manner the past few weekends.) And that lesson is one that we preach here on HSS all the time: it’s all about the basics.

What was Jerry’s signature style on the show? In general, it was button-up shirt tucked into black jeans and finished off with white sneakers. And when he wore a jacket, it was usually a cropped number, like a bomber.

jerry seinfeld style

Recreating Jerry’s signature look in contemporary times works only if you pay attention to fit. Make sure your shirt and jacket fit in the shoulders. Wear jeans with a tapered leg. And update the chunky-soled Nikes for a sleek pair of leather sneakers.

I call it Jerry Seinfeld style, because it resembles something that was a cultural reference point during my adolescence. But, I guess that not seen through that lens, it’s just a good, solid basic way of dressing. Now you know what to wear this weekend!

jerry seinfeld style

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