A few characteristics of the modern day dapper man

“Well, don’t you look dapper today?” If you regularly put a little time, effort and care into how you dress – which, I’m wagering you do since you are reading this site – that first sentence is likely a refrain you hear quite often. Among my non-menswear enthusiast friends and acquaintances, it is probably one of the most frequent clothing and style-related compliments I’m paid.

But what makes a dapper man?


To the everyday complimenter, a dapper guy is pretty much any guy who successfully makes the effort to present himself in a put-together manner. The word ‘successfully’ is stricken because in this scenario, to the uninitiated, success has nothing to do with it. Wearing a terrible, pre-tied bowtie? Totally dapper. An outfit that is overtly and nauseatingly “fashiony”? Dapper too.

However, the truly dapper gentleman displays some telltale characteristics that make him stand out. Here are a few.


| WEARING | Suitsupply blazer, Ted Baker turtleneck, Alan David Custom pants, Drake’s scarf and pocket square, Rolex watch, Carmina loafers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

A dapper man accessorizes elegantly. If there is one thing that separates the dapper guy from the average guy, it’s the accessories. Anybody can put on a jacket, shirt/sweater and pair of pants. Accessorizing takes some extra thought and time. Though it is always time well spent. A simple lightweight scarf transforms a good look into a great one.

A dapper man wears turtlenecks. A shirt and tie is certainly dapper, but a turtleneck takes casual sophistication to a new level. A dapper man also realizes that a turtleneck is not a relic of the 1970s, but rather a timeless piece of knitwear.


A dapper man wears seasonal fabrics. Wearing seasonal fabrics is the mark of a man who really understands the joys, pleasures and utility of menswear. While the average guy sees only a pair of grey pants, the connoisseur knows they’re flannel.

A dapper man wears loafers. Casual, comfortable and cool. A simple, but well-made pair of leather penny loafers says effortless style.


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