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Fashion news we don’t know how we feel about:

Style tricks from the runway. In theory, we’re there, but we simply can’t get behind crinkled shirts.

Remember that animal sweater you rocked for your elementary school photo? They are apparently making a comeback.

Fashion news we can get behind:

The SAG Awards red carpet showed some very stylish men (as well as some questionable ones). Our award for best dressed goes to and Rachel Evan Wood for a perfect fit velvet double-breasted pantsuit.

17 exceptional watches from SIHH. As well as the best “everyday” ones.

The evolution (and myths) of Japanese denim.

White sneakers too white? Try shades of ivory & grey.

The Superbowl (or as we non-sport types like to say, “the big match!”) is this Sunday, and if bulk beer cartons aren’t your thing, here are some craft beer options to consider.

New year, new hair? It’s still January, so we can still say that, right?

Because we can never get enough of Old Hollywood.

And, finally, this week’s WTF news:

In Finland, competitive hobbyhorsing is an actual thing. And now you know.

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