I love getting questions from my readers and I’m always happy to answer them. Style tips, suggestions on how to dress for a particular occasion or event, specific product recommendations—all are fair game. Here’s one from a reader looking for advice on where to find stylish and affordable navy blazers.

Where can I buy a navy blazer that will travel well for under $150? I’ll be spending a lot of time on trains and planes, but that doesn’t mean I should look sloppy. I’d probably want a two-button, cotton (not too distressed), deconstructed blazer. It should be able to handle being packed away and look great with or without wrinkles.

– Clayton S.

Right on, Clayton. Traveling comfortably does not mean sacrificing style. Based on your specifications, I recommend checking out the selection at ASOS. They offer a great combination of style, value, and affordability. I know you’re looking for a two-button blazer, but if you’re in the mood to experiment, give this slim fitting, double breasted blazer a look. I just picked one up for myself and will be featuring it on the blog soon. In the meantime, I’ve rounded up some of what’s available at ASOS as well as a few others retailers below. Use the arrows to advance and click to shop.

Stylish & Affordable Navy Blazers Under $150

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