Introducing PHLUR, a new fragrance line and concept

I’ve only met one person who says, “I wear one scent and one scent only.” But I would hazard a guess that most of us – myself included – like to change things up every once in a while.

Maybe it’s because of the season. Maybe it’s because we grow tired of the scent we’ve been wearing. Or maybe it’s just because we like to explore and experiment.

I don’t know about you, but I like my fragrance to be something that’s not mass market – something that’s unique, that everyone might not know about, that you can’t buy in a mall department store. In other words, a fragrance that feels like “you” that you feel like you can claim some sense of ownership of.

phlur fragrance review

The problem with auditioning fragrances at a specialty boutique, high-end department store, or even online is two-fold.

First and foremost, you don’t get to really “live” with the scent. Yes, you can try it on and walk around the store for 30 minutes or so to see how it transforms over a small amount of time and works on your skin. But honestly, that’s not enough time.

Second, even if you think you like a particular scent, it’s often cost prohibitive. The thought of dropping $150+ on a bottle of something you think you like is enough to make anyone seriously reconsider that purchase. I’ve personally bought more than a few bottles of cologne that I didn’t care to wear any more the following week.

phlur fragrance review

PHLUR, a new fragrance line and concept, solves those problems and is poised to change the game. Based on the belief that fragrance is an experience and not a product, everything about the brand is fresh, beginning with the online experience.

Fragrance is an experience, not a product

When you browse the collection on the site, the first thing you notice is what’s missing – notes on the scent. Usually you get some indication of what you’re going to smell. Citrus, oud, rose, and so on. Not here.

phlur fragrance review

Instead, what you find are photos that evoke the scent. So instead of guessing if such-and-such a version of citrus is right for you, pick the photos that most represent your personal style to identify the fragrance that speaks to you. PHLUR also provides an indication of how strong the scent is as well as how long you can expect it to last on your skin and clothing.

One of the best things about the experience is PHLUR’s home tryout program. This allows you to choose two fragrances that you connect with most and pay $10 to get sample tubes of each sent to you. I gravitated towards Hepcat and Olmstead & Vaux.

phlur fragrance review

phlur fragrance review

When you receive the samples – each lasts for a week – you’ll also receive guides to help inform your experience with the scents as well as a $10 credit towards the purchase of a full-size bottle.

Finally, when you’ve found “your” scent, place your order for a full-size bottle.

phlur fragrance review

The bottle itself is pretty cool. It’s designed with an aesthetic simplicity, which means it will look great whatever your taste in interior decor.

phlur fragrance review

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