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Trend Watch: Pitti Uomo

June 21st, 2016

The best, the worst, the good, the bad and the ugly – 5 trends from Pitti Uomo

Unless you’ve were in a self-imposed menswear blackout, you no doubt noticed that the latest edition of Pitti Uomo took place last week. In keeping with tradition here on HSS, here’s a roundup of the trends we spotted.

1. Pleated Trousers

pitti uomo trends 2016

Definitely a tailoring power move. We’ve been seeing trousers starting to become a bit more relaxed lately. Pleats and a higher rise take that trend a bit further. It’s a welcome return to classic tailoring when the prevailing winds seem to be signaling that the “classic menswear revival” has just about run it’s course.

In that way, I like it as a reaction from those who embrace classic menswear and tailoring against a more street-informed and casual (read: althleisure) aesthetic. Do I think it’s going to catch on? Probably not. It’s not for everyone, but those who do wear it, wear it well.

HSS Approval Scale: 7/10

2. Printed Shirts

pitti uomo trends 2016

We’ve been fans of printed shirts for quite some time here at HSS. And we couldn’t be more pleased to see them flourishing in the wild. It’s a great summer look and a nice way to add a dose of fun to an outfit even when you’re suited up.

HSS Approval Scale: 9/10

3. Bright Suits

blue floral suit

Forget a “pop” of color, we’re talking all-out color bombs here. I suppose in the shit-show scrum that’s emerged outside of events like Pitti, people have to try harder than ever to get their photo taken. And this is what we get. A statement? Yes. But probably for all the wrong reasons.

HSS Approval Scale: 2/10

4. Baggy Pants

pitti uomo trends 2016

If you’re old enough to remember “Hammer” pants, the ones we saw at Pitti are sort of like the modern versions. Though if Thom Browne had designed them, since they tend to be on the cropped side. I’ve not worn the style – and won’t ever – but I imagine they’re fairly comfortable. If I ran into someone wearing these I’d probably mistake them for a genie and wish that this trend would disappear.

HSS Approval Scale: 0/10

5. Hats

pitti uomo trends 2016

It’s hard to say whether this is a trend or whether it was just very sunny out during Pitti. Either way, there were a lot of hats on display. Classic headwear always has the ability to completely make and define a look. Our perennial hat of choice: the Panama hat.

HSS Approval Scale: 10/10

BONUS: The Death of Street Style


Not much to say on this topic right now other than be sure to watch the video from yesterday’s post. I’ll be weighing in heavily on this topic tomorrow. Stay tuned!

What do you think? Will you be sporting any of these trends this summer? Chime in below!

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Images in post: 1 via The Sartorialist, 2-4 via @nytimesfashion, 5 via W Magazine, Bonus via @alexandersanti.

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