Answers to all your NYFWM FAQs

Here at HSS, we know our readers. And we know that you’re a lot like us. You love tailoring and classic style, but also enjoy a modern take here and there. You know that basics rule but you’re not afraid to experiment within reason. You know that rules are guidelines.

And because we know our readers think a lot like us, we know that fashion with a capital F isn’t really your thing but you’re open-minded, somewhat curious and would like to know more.

The third season of New York Fashion Week: Men’s kicks off today, so we thought we’d answer some very basic Fashion Week FAQs.

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Why do they have fashion shows?

Answer: It’s all about art, publicity and prestige.

What’s the difference between a runway show and a presentation?

Answer: One is spent sitting, the other is spent avoiding awkward eye contact.

What’s the NYFW:Men’s SS17 schedule?

Answer: It happens over four days and is jammed packed.

Does anyone really buy (or wear) runway clothes?

Answer: Nope. But that’s not the point.

How long is a fashion show?

Answer: Too long! Haha. Seriously though, it depends…

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Photography by Robin West


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