A little late on the draw here, but hey, better late than never! A couple months ago, we were invited to attend Fashion Awards MD’s annual event, where we were nominated in the Best Blog category. To be completely honest, I had no idea what to expect. Though we’re Baltimore-based, we’ve never really interfaced with the local scene other than featuring my barber and tailor here on the site. So I was genuinely surprised and excited when we were announced as the winners in our category. This is what I wore to the event.

And the Award Goes To - He Spoke Style

| WEARING | Brooks Brothers Black Fleece blazer, Shirt c/o Banana Republic, Stile Bennetton pants, Gitman Bros. tie (similar HERE or SPLURGE), J.Crew belt, Timex watch, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Del Toro slippers (similar HERE) | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

If you’re not terribly familiar with Baltimore beyond The Wire and John Waters, you’re missing some really great things. Yes, the city does have it’s problems, for sure. And some of those problems, including the awful public transportation and streets in utter disrepair, contribute to my on-again, off-again love/hate relationship with my adopted hometown.

Being sandwiched between Philadelphia and DC, there’s a distinct second (or third) city vibe, but as a result, Baltimore has some very unique and singular charms. The restaurant scene is one of them. If you visit, I recommend making a special visit and/or detour to Woodberry Kitchen.

And the Award Goes To - He Spoke Style

The style scene here ranges from “I don’t give a f***” to way out there. Seeing as how I was attending a Baltimore event, I wanted to capture a bit of the city’s flavor in my own style for the evening. That meant it was the perfect night to break out one of my favorite statement pieces. Some of you guys love it, some of you hate it. But when an item resonates with you, it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks.

And the Award Goes To - He Spoke Style

And the Award Goes To - He Spoke Style

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