Is there a market for weird runway fashion?

Runway shows often get a bad rap for their costumey looks, overly theatrical presentations and sometimes general weirdness. As a result – and because of the buzz around shows of this ilk generated by the press – there’s a belief held by “normal” members of society, that fashion is inaccessible, bizarre and only for “fashion people.”

Who would actually buy and wear the clothes you see on the runway?

Nobody, actually.

It’s helpful to remember that fashion shows are designed to generate buzz and make a statement. Designers rarely, if ever, take runway fashion and move it straight into stores. What you do see in stores is a distilled version of what you see on the runway.

However, as Fashion Week changes, you may start to see more runway shows that are more accessible. This is to accommodate fashion houses’ desire to cut down on the several months in between shows and when the clothing will actually hit market.

Are the days of radical presentations by Thom Browne numbered? We shall see.

Thom Browne runway images via


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