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iPhone 7 Release, Fall Trends & Other Important Issues

September 6th, 2016

Because it’s a Tuesday that feels like a Monday

First, we have three more weeks of summer, so everyone remain calm. You don’t need to start wearing heavy knits and wool. Second, don’t put your white pants away just yet.

Maybe a new watch is on your list of things to invest in for fall. Perhaps even one from Steve Jobs’s estate?

Or, if you’re sticking to clothing, perhaps a double breasted coat, thermal or some serious shoes are more your vibe?

But if you’re only going to make one big pre-fall purchase, definitely invest in a suede jacket like Brian did last last season. I can personally guarantee that women will be petting you in it.

Today’s most important style lesson: just because a celebrity wears something (i.e. a pinky ring), doesn’t mean others should.

I myself am not interested in the new iPhone release later this week, and am counting down the days until my contract is up to switch to Samsung. Apparently, I’m not the only one.

Because everything, even drones, end up becoming something to use to spy on your partner.

Whether you loved him because of Willy Wonka, or were a fan of his nuttier side in Young Frankenstein, Gene Wilder was a special talent.

These Porsche 911 by Singer cars give me all the feels.

And imagine driving it here.

Next time you go to a wedding, you may be asked to put your phone away and have, like, actual real fun.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Robin West
He Spoke Style

Robin Sacawa

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