What are the holidays without procrastination? With all the last minute shopping, trips to the grocery (or liquor) store and writing of cards, it’s entirely possible you’ve forgotten to think about what to wear. If that’s the case, here are seven last-minute holiday outfit ideas that will have you covered in any situation.

1. Family Casual

how to dress for a party holiday christmas

If you’re just hanging with the fam for the holidays, you don’t need to get super dressed up. But, if relatives you see just once a year are coming over it might be nice to make a slight effort. Layer an athletic sweater over your favorite blue button-down, add a nice pair of pants and call it a day.

2. Plans Afterwards

how to dress for a party holiday christmas

Going home for the holidays, often means meeting up with old friends and hanging out in bars, which you probably weren’t doing back in high school. If that’s the case, choose something more edgy – all black will do – and throw on a plaid scarf for a dash of the holidays.

3. Meet the Parents

how to dress for a party holiday christmas

If there’s a new significant other in your life and you’re meeting her parents for the first time over the holidays, perhaps over a meal at a nice restaurant, you want to keep it classic. Avoid kitsch at all costs – no crazy holiday socks, ties, or sweaters – and show a little holiday spirit with subtle, but appropriate touches, like a burgundy scarf or hunter green tie.

4. Not a Total Grinch

how to dress for a party holiday christmas

For whatever reason, maybe you’re not quite as much in the holiday spirit as others this year. Don’t force it. Wear muted colors, but try to add one festive touch, like a plaid coat with a little bit of red.

5. Layered Festive Sweater

how to dress for a party holiday christmas

A classic look for the holidays. Just keep the sweater classic – i.e. no ugly Christmas sweaters – as in a nice, subtle fair isle patter. Layer up your grey tweed blazer and maybe throw in some deep eggplant colored pants, if you’re feeling extra festive.

6. Festive Turtleneck

how to dress for a party holiday christmas

A different kind of festive sweater. Simple, clean and classic. Wear with muted colors like grey for a more sophisticated gathering.

7. Christmas Dandy

how to dress for a party holiday christmas

You’ll have to be the judge about which situation this might be appropriate for you. Perhaps everyone in your family has a similar style. Maybe you roll with a group of guys who do as well. Or maybe you’re just feeling like being the peacock at the office Christmas party.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style


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