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best scotch whisky holiday splurge
best scotch whisky holiday splurge
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5 Bottles Worth The Splurge For the Holidays

December 6th, 2016

We pick the best scotch and bourbon worth the price tag for the holidays

Its holiday season and if you are like us, you’re going to stock your liquor cabinet with “the good stuff”. Nothing is better than sitting around the Christmas tree with loved ones, making new memories and sipping on the best whiskey the world has to offer. So here are five suggestions on whiskies worth the splurge to help you make the holidays as memorable as possible.

best scotch whisky holiday splurge

1. Johnnie Walker Blue Label, $199.99
Call it cliché, but Johnnie Blue embodies refinement in a blended Scotch. Its flavors recall everything fine in life. Smooth as silk and a finish with subtle nuances that caress the palate and leave you inquisitive as to their descriptors. Nothing says you want to make a memory more than opening a bottle of this.

2. Yamazaki 18yr, $299.99
I would have liked to have listed the sherry cask finished offering from Yamazaki, but since Jim Murray named it Whiskey of the Year the price has skyrocketed and availability plummeted. You will have to “settle” for this available version of the 18yr. Read any review and you will find various detailed tasting descriptions that include every rare delectable fruit known to man.

best scotch whisky holiday splurge

3. Blanton’s Gold Edition, $150 (after shipping)
After shipping? Thats right. If you want to taste this bourbon you will have to pay an extra chunk of cash to have it shipped from across the pond because its unavailable in the US market. Thanks to my equally whiskey-crazed neighbor, I was able to get a taste and, let me tell you, you will be scratching your head wondering how they crafted a spirit so balanced and intricate. Every flavor you want in a bourbon working in perfect harmony. One of my all-time favorites.

4. Laphroaig Cairdeas, $79.99
Cairdeas is gaelic for “friendship” and what better way to initiate and special occasion with this amontillado sherry cask-finished peated scotch. Never had peated scotch? There are some strong opinions on Islay Scotch (peated) that we will talk about in the future, but this is an exceptional choice in the category. The sherry balances exceptionally well with the peat for a truly unique experience. You will either love it or hate it, but you sure as hell will remember it.

5. The Macallan Rare Cask, $299.99
So many spirits aged in sherry casks can get a musty taste or become overly sweet, but this one is perfect. Less than one percent of Macallan’s casks get to be named Rare Cask. Light, sweet, and complex. Some notes of spice mid-palate and fruit and nuts on the finish. Enjoy this with some oysters for a truly rare and memorable experience. Read our review here.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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