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It’s important to remember that scarves serve two purposes. Practically, they’re meant to keep you warm. But they’ve also got a completely aesthetic dimension to them as well, completely independent of their utility.

And the ultimate expression of the aesthetic is the indoor scarf.

wear scarf indoors blazer men

wear scarf indoors blazer men

| WEARING | QG Custom blazer, Uniqlo cardigan, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece shirt, Banana Republic pants, Drake’s scarf and pocket square, A. Lange & Söhne watch, Carmina loafers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

What is an indoor scarf? It’s a classification of neckwear I’m not sure existed prior to David Coggin’s recent capsule collection with Drake’s, which is, sadly, mostly sold out. When I ran into David at a book signing at the Drake’s pop-up in Soho he told me he wanted to create a scarf that was about half the length (or less) of a regular scarf so it could be easily worn under a blazer. And so, the indoor scarf was born.

The effect is brilliant. Less formal than a neck tie and not as “buttoned up” as an ascot (though it can certainly double as one), the indoor scarf is the epitome of style, class and refinement. It’s the thing you always wish you had when you’ve thought, “man, there’s just something missing from this outfit”.

While it’s a natural fit under a blazer with an OCBD and a cardigan, it really shines as a contrasting layer between a blazer and turtleneck. A great holiday part combination.

wear scarf indoors blazer men

wear scarf indoors blazer men

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