Wintry Mix

I’m not exactly sure what it is about the cold and snowy weather that makes a darker color palate something of a winter uniform. It could be an expression of the depression people are starting to feel as this extremely cold winter continues to drag on—I may honestly be the only one enjoying it—or it could be a way of creating a simple, but stark, contrast with the grey skies or snow blanketing the ground. Here’s one way to mix some subtle patterns into a wintry monochromatic look.

Wintry Mix - He Spoke Style

I’ve been on something of a mission lately of finding ways to dress down, or at least re-imagine, some of the dressier piece I own in a less formal and unexpected way. I was concerned that my double-breasted topcoat would be forever cast as a piece that I only used for semi-formal or classic business looks, but pairing it with a thermal henley and slim dark denim makes a high-low look with a bit of an edge.

Don’t be afraid to mix plaids. It can definitely be a little intense if you’re working with two bold patterns in the same color, but when one is more subtle than the other, it can create a lot of interest and depth.

Wintry Mix - He Spoke Style

Wintry Mix - He Spoke Style

Wintry Mix - He Spoke Style

Wintry Mix - He Spoke Style

This Look: Coat c/o Banana Republic – Scarf c/o Vince – Henley c/o Vince – Jeans by Levi’s – Gloves by Nordstrom – Watch by Timex – Belt c/o Banana Republic – Sunglasses by Ray-Ban – Wingtip dress boots c/o Allen Edmonds (Dalton)

When it’s cold and snowy, do you instinctively reach for the darker items in your closet?

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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  • Shane Martin

    Great look as always. I love that jacket and those boots are really growing on me. You’ve been wearing them alot lately and they really seem to work in a wide variety of circumstances.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, as always, Shane. The Daltons are great and certainly one of my favorite pair of boots.

  • Tod C

    I hadn’t thought of that before but perhaps it is because we get to play with patterns more (I certainly love to) we tone down the tones somewhat.

    Insightful as always Brian.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Great thought, Tod. Thanks for reading.

  • Darryle

    You’ll put a hole in those Daltons, but they look great. I definitely go for dark colors in the winter and in the evenings in just about every other season. I just vary the fabrics — lighter in the warmer months and heavier in the cold.

    • Brian Sacawa

      Haha. When I do put a hole in them, I’ll get them recrafted. Thanks for reading.

  • Joseph

    Hi Brian! It would be nice if you could share how you organize your closet.

    • Brian Sacawa

      That’s always a work in progress, but definitely something I’ll keep in mind for future content. In the meantime, here’s a shot of part of it. Thanks for the suggestion, Joseph.

  • Allan

    Hi Brian, which scarf knot are you using here?

    • Brian Sacawa

      Not sure if there’s an official name, but it’s just wrapped once around my neck then one end tucked into the loop.

      • Allan

        Thanks. Thought it might be something simple along those lines. I like it.

        • Brian Sacawa

          Totally simple. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  • AbdAllah Monir

    Love the idea of mixing the plaids and I also enjoys wearing darker colors and playing with the grey shades between blazers and scarfs .

    • Brian Sacawa

      Awesome. Thanks for reading.

  • Geetika

    This overall is a very nice look for winters! I like your checked coat and muffler.
    Geetika |