Savvy Travel: The Rolling Carry-On

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All business with a Z Zegna suit, Brooks Brothers tie and Rolex Datejust watch.

A rolling carry-on suitcase is a great choice for the stylish and savvy business traveler.

There are many different kinds of luggage and travel bags for men. And the bag you choose depends on many things, including the type of trip, the duration of the trip and your method of travel.

However, no matter what bag you choose, it should be extremely functional, versatile and – if you’re a gentleman of style – stylish.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite types of luggage and travel bags. First up: the rolling carry-on suitcase.

rolling carry-on best luggage travel bags for men

A rolling carry-on suitcase is a great choice for the savvy business traveler who’s always on the go, doesn’t have time to check a bag and needs a lightweight, easy to maneuver and elegant luggage solution.

Pros: Fits more than it looks like it will; no need to check baggage for a quick trip; no matter how heavy, it feels extremely light as you zip through the airport terminal or train station.

Cons: Difficult to roll across carpet – most annoying when your hotel room is at the end of a long, carpeted hall; not particularly easy to access if you need to get something out of it during the travel portion of a trip.

rolling carry-on best luggage travel bags for men

| WEARING | Z Zegna suit, Al Bazar shirt, Brooks Brothers tie, Rolex Datejust watch, Cole Haan shoes | LUGGAGE | Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Cabin Multiwheel | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Perfect For: Business travel via plane or train, two to three-day trips, running through airport terminals to catch a flight.

Our Pick: Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Cabin Multiwheel

The Cabin Multiwheel was not my first Rimowa suitcase – I’ve been using the larger Topas Multiwheel as my regular suitcase for about two years now (i.e. it’s starting to take on some character). I’m a big fan of the quality, style and feel of Rimowa products.

There are certainly other rolling carry-on options out there, but if you’ve become enamored with the look of Rimowa, I recommend spending a few extra bucks for a version with the telescopic handle. It’s a simple, but big comfort convenience you’ll appreciate.

rolling carry-on best luggage travel bags for men

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rolling carry-on best luggage travel bags for men

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