The Best Men’s Street Style And Trends From London

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Simple, but interesting pattern play.

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A three piece suit could be a little warm. Note the layered striped t-shirt.

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Nick Wooster doing Nick Wooster. A safety pin closure on his jacket was a hallmark of his style.

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Seeing double and making a statement.

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The neckerchief serving as a bridge between tailored and edgy. The cool cravat.

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Friend of HSS, the model Eric Rutherford, in light blue and showing how to do white denim.

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Another light blue jacket and white denim combo.

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Interesting take on the 6x2 double-breasted jacket. This one in cotton. And a t-shirt underneath.

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A layered t-shirt with an interesting belted jacket.

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Remember that bowling shirts were a trend this season? Someone did.

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Johannes Huebl showing how classic is done in a khaki cotton suit.

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Urban and edgy. Panama hat. Nehru collar.

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Nick Wooster taking Thom Browne to the next level or working to make cuffed shorts a thing.

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The layered white tank and the wool beanie make an interesting choice.

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Staying cool with pattern.

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Gandy. Killing it. That is all.

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High/low to the max and more.

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Apparently tweed can be worn in the summer?

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Another neckerchief.

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Lightweight summer outerwear. Very interesting pockets.

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Casual, flowing and cool. Sandals as city footwear can be dangerous.

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Off duty in light blue.

Trend spotting at the latest edition of London Fashion Week Men’s

The summer men’s fashion show season is now in full effect. And kicking off the calendar this past weekend was London Fashion Week Men’s. Our man, Hywel Jenkins, was on the ground in London to capture the best looks and give us a view into what’s currently trending in the world of menswear.

best london street style

As always, Fashion Week street style can be something of a mixed bag, which is a direct reflection of the smattering of different kinds of people you find at these events. There are the people who actually need to be there – the editors, the buyers, the models – and then there are those who don’t need to be there but who want to be seen. It’s pretty easy to spot who’s who.

Nevertheless, from this cross section of attendees and scenesters trends always emerge. Here are a few from London worth pointing out:

1. Linen. This should come as no surprise. Linen is, next to cotton (and, yes, wool too!), one of the best and coolest fabrics for summer. Lots of linen jackets and some great linen trousers on Mr. Gandy.

best london street style

2. Layered T-Shirts. Two different kinds of looks here. There was the classic and simple crew neck t-shirt under a blazer. And there was an edgier, lower scooping tank top t-shirt most often seen under a button-up with several buttons unbuttoned. The former is a look we fully endorse for the summer and actually have a post on that very topic scheduled for Friday.

3. The Neckerchief. I have to say that this took us a little by surprise. It’d been a while since this affectation last appeared. And when it did, it was generally more associated with the younger, street-savvy and trendy fashion set. In London it seems to have defied its age associations while also serving as a bridge between tailored and edgy. The cravat of the cool? Street style’s ascot?

Check out the slideshow for all the shots and let us know what you’re loving (or not into at all) this season. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
He Spoke Style

Photography by Hywel Jenkins


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  • OldManJoe

    Warning: You *asked* so here goes… Man, some major fashion don’ts here for me. Slide 10 is pretty offensive and the man in slide 11 should be barred from ever speaking the word “fashion” again. Slide 12 could be a supporting actor in an Al Pachino movie. Slide 15 is an example of what you might find on the blowout sale table at Macy’s. Slide 19’s Boys In The Band homage is just too *fabulous*. Ditto slide 23.

    Sorry, I usually *try* (sometimes fail!) to keep the lips sealed when I don’t like what folks are wearing and if I say anything, I try to come up with some nice aspect of it.. nice color or fits really well, etc. People (and I include myself here) sometimes come up with experiments that don’t work. (I wore one hideous tie one time, saw pictures of myself wearing it, and promptly burned the thing.) I like to try mine on with my husband before going out in public and I try not to go too fashion forward. For those who think I’m being too harsh on the outfits I pointed out, my apologies. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and no one can ever account for individual taste. Cheers!

    • derekwashington

      Lol hey, they asked! I was very disappointed in the choices as well. I didn’t see any trips to the guillotine, however, i didn’t see anything worth style stealing from either.

      • Avin Jones

        Hey dad look a that guy! Stop it son, it’s not polite to point. But dad!. I know son, I know.

  • shelley

    Love this!
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  • Noel

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  • ciya imas
  • Brian Oravetz

    What is happening in “fashion”? I am but a mere former soldier turned professional, who appreciates fashion for the power of appearance that it can bring. The things that I see here is a move to soften, and feminize men. Some of the things in these slides look absolutely silly and childlike. The looks on here are nothing more than as if 13 year old boys drank too much Red Bull and were making extreme efforts to look edgy. And that is being generous.

  • Sean O’Callahan

    Hi, Brian, I know its fashion but come on! I loathe pants that stop at the ankle – ‘shudder’ reminds of school pants I outgrew but Ma made them last just that bit longer, not a choice I would make as an adult. I like wearing linen but slide 8 would be my how NOT to go out dresses like. Be interesting to see how many make it to the stores. Sean from

  • Jason Newstedt

    I am way too much of a man to be wearing these “dandy” trends.

  • Ananya Rao

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  • Jennifer Levine

    Really a great guide to follow London street style. Spring is already filled with blossom and these stunning ideas will make your day men. You can read more London lifestyle updates here