Casual Khaki Blazer

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, versatility is key. In fact, I would say that in menswear ‘essential’ is synonymous with versatility. Or at least it should be. Investing in a key piece means you should be getting your money’s worth and not just a stylish one trick pony. A quality suit is always a bit of an investment, though it pays for itself in the mileage you can get out of it. Here’s a casual look that makes use of my khaki blazer as a separate.

Khaki Blazer - He Spoke Style

You don’t have to mine the archives of the blog very deeply to know that my khaki suit has been something of a summer staple for me this season. During this seasonal transition, however, I’ve been more apt to swap out the trousers for something a little heavier and darker. A khaki blazer pairs extremely easily and well with slim dark denim as well as with navy chinos.

Khaki Blazer - He Spoke Style

Khaki Blazer - He Spoke Style

With cotton, wrinkles are a fact of life. Maybe not quite as bad as with linen, but still inevitable nonetheless. And I don’t want to pretend like they don’t happen. The best you can hope for is starting the day out wrinkle free. A garment steamer is something you should always have on hand, though if you prefer to multitask, hanging your blazer in the bathroom during your morning shower can get the job done in a pinch. But as the day goes on, expect wrinkles and embrace them.

Khaki Blazer - He Spoke Style

Khaki Blazer - He Spoke Style

Khaki Blazer - He Spoke Style

Khaki Blazer - He Spoke Style

This Look: Khaki cotton blazer by Brooks Brothers (part of suit, get similar here and here) – Navy gingham shirt by J.Crew – Dark blue slim denim jeans by J.Crew – Brown leather belt by Gap – Brown silk pocket square with blue border by Brooks Brothers – Watch with brown leather band by Timex – Sunglasses by Ray-Ban (Clubmaster) – Brown suede loafers by To Boot New York (similar here)

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He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.


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  • Michael Van Osch

    Great look!!

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, as always, Michael. Have a great Friday.

      • Michael Van Osch, MVO

        you too brother. have a look at my pocket square shop and if you see one you like let me know – if it’s in stock i’ll send it to you. cheers!

  • Chas Irish

    Love the watch

    • Brian Sacawa

      Thanks, Chas. It definitely works hard for me.


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  • Emily Jenny

    I just stumbled upon your blog through the IFB Blogger Contest. You have one of the best if not THE best men’s fashion blog I have ever seen! Your style is impeccable and your photos are AMAZING.

    Emily Jenny
    Stiletto Beats

    • Brian Sacawa

      Wow, high praise! Really appreciate that, Emily. Big props to Rob for the photos!