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Refined, Yet Understated, Part 2 of 2

May 7th, 2013

Whether it’s packing for a three-day business trip or getting away for the weekend to a nice hotel, knowing the types of activities you’ll be attending is key to figuring out what to wear. At the video shoot for the Capella DC, I knew the production company would have Willow and I taking advantage of everything the hotel had to offer, from formal dining to casual canal-side appetizers and even lounging at the rooftop infinity pool. The first look I chose worked well for the “elegant, but not flashy” guidance, so the second look needed to fit the call to be “refined, yet understated.” Here’s what I went with.

Capella DC- He Spoke Style

So what exactly is “refined, yet understated”? I translated that roughly as casual, but classy. Nothing hits that mark quite like a pair of dark chinos. They dress up a little easier than khakis, making them more than appropriate for a casual early evening meal.

Capella DC - He Spoke Style

Capella DC- He Spoke Style

I say it all the time, but I’ve got to say it again: less is often more. Like I mentioned in the first post in this series, it’s so easy to get sucked into all the fantastic menswear details and accessories that it’s just as easy to overlook the virtue of simplicity. Sometimes a pocket square is all you need. Sometimes it’s not. Knowing the difference is part experience and part intuition.

Capella DC- He Spoke Style

You have probably noticed that I have recently been fairly partial to my khaki suit. Part of that is because it is spring and no suit says spring quite like a khaki cotton suit. The other part is that I’ve been traveling a lot and it is definitely a comfortable way to stay stylish on the move.

Capella DC- He Spoke Style

Capella DC- He Spoke Style

A khaki blazer also works great as a separate. Pair it with dark chinos for a look that’s casual and stylish.

Capella DC- He Spoke Style

Thanks go again to the crew of Videographic Films, the incredibly gracious staff at the Capella DC, the beautiful Willow, and of course Rob McIver Photo for all the great artwork.

Capella DC- He Spoke Style

This Look: Khaki blazer by Brooks Brothers (part of suit), Striped shirt by Michael Andrews Bespoke (similar here), Navy chinos by J.Crew, Brown leather plaque belt by J.Crew, Pocket square by The Tie Bar, Watch with brown leather band by Timex, Brown suede penny loafers by To Boot New York.

Rob got some great behind the scenes production shots, some of which you’ve seen in this post as well as the last one. I’ll get more of those up when the production company releases the video.

Until then, thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.

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