Fall Style, Checks & A Drink With Wei Koh

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Here’s proof that casualwear does not need to be dull.

In a similar manner, blazers are much more versatile than most give them credit for.

The black and white checkerboard pattern, typically synonymous with skater culture, is going mainstream.

And the brand behind the original skating shoe is teaming up with Karl Lagerfeld in September for an exclusive new line.

The answer is, “no one”. No one (Mayweather, McGregor or us) wins in this “menswear” fight.

We don’t typically link out to sponsored content, but most sponsored content doesn’t feature our friend and the founder of The Rake. If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Wei Koh, this video shows a small taste of his unequivocally cool style and personality. Wei always brings the party.

While I myself may not be ready to pivot to full-on fall mode, next season’s rich colors are very enticing.

We are die hard fans here at HSS for Acqua di Parma. And while we have not yet had the pleasure to experience their newest scent Colonia Pura – and first scent from the brand’s new CEO – our friend Aleks of The Jackal has.

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Featured image via Mr Porter

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  • Avin Jones

    Now I ain’t cheap, but I can be had. thanks for the best men’s dress shoe under $200. article. The JM Boydstun Medallion looks like a high dollar shoe, I think I’ll have to try it. I hope it wears as good as it looks. Be sure to let you know.

  • Dan J.

    You couldn’t pay to dress like most of the pictures in Mr. Porter’s blazer article. Everyone has different taste and if you want to wear a blazer with a gilet or a jean jacket, well, you do you. I’m fine with roll necks and I rather liked the “Layer it up” example until I got to the running shoes. I am completely baffled as to how anyone old enough to have graduated college can think that’s a good look but again, wear what makes you feel confident and don’t worry about my opinion. As for the checks, they might be popular with skaters now but I was wearing them while listening to Cheap Trick before there was such a thing as skater culture. And now I’ve made myself feel old. No, I think time is the one guilty of that. I’ll just go put on some short, socks and sandals and go play bingo.

  • Gregor49

    Referring to the Gin Martini (caps for reverence), I’m both pleased and somewhat baffled the Gin Martini is being talked of. Pleased, because there is, probably, no finer cocktail. Baffled, because our society has a love affair with heavily flavored, and overly syruped drinks; be these cocktails or some concoction from your neighborhood corporate coffee shop. Gin, stirred over ice and strained into a glass is pure ambrosia. Set aside high syrup drinks or the Bro micro brews for the Gin Martini. And, dress for the occasion.