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padron 1926 series no 6 maduro cigar review
padron 1926 series no 6 maduro cigar review

Cigar Review: Padrón 1926 Series No. 6 Maduro

September 7th, 2017

A classic smoke that belongs in every man’s humidor

Introduced in 2002 to commemorate José O. Padrón’s 75th birthday, the 1926 Serie has become a staple in every brick and mortar’s walk-in humidor. This line comes in both maduro and natural wrappers, is offered in five sizes and is considered by many as the go-to premium cigar for overall quality.

Like almost all other Padrón’s, these Nicaraguan sticks are full of strength and bold flavors. What sets the brand apart from its numerous competitors in the market is its superior construction and pickiness when it comes to selecting the best tobacco for the blend. The 1926 Serie contains only tobacco that is aged between five and ten years. Needless to say, Pádron is always considered in the top three non-Cuban cigar producers in the world. And for good reason.

padron 1926 series no 6 maduro cigar review

| PICTURED WITH | English Pewter Company x HSS 2 oz. Flask and Cigar Style by Nick Foulkes | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

Part 1: General

Padrón 1926 No. 6 Maduro
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Vitola: Robusto (4.75 x 50)
Price: $14.00

Part 2: Analysis

In the hand the cigar feels exactly like a brown paper bag but looks like a piece of art. The tooth appeared substantial but to the touch, absolutely smooth. Quite remarkable! Into the first third and the stick is quite mellow. I was expecting more boldness to the flavors, but alas, a very mellow woodiness and nuttiness pervaded the palate.

padron 1926 series no 6 maduro cigar review

As the first third began to wind down and I was into the second third, the flavor profile stayed consistent but with more boldness and an uptick in strength. On the finish, hints of cocoa and dark coffee to really round out the flavor.

To note, this cigar was incredibly smooth. What I mean by smooth is a lack of harshness and spice that comes with darker, fuller cigars. As a fan of medium dessert cigars myself, I found this quite enjoyable. The final third is where things started to get really interesting. The previous notes of cocoa and dark coffee married perfectly together with a subtle finish of an earthy cedar culminating a truly delectable smoke.

padron 1926 series no 6 maduro cigar review

Coming as no shock, the Pádron 1926 No. 6 Maduro had flawless construction. No wonky burn that needed to be corrected and no need for a relight. This stick burned evenly and produced ample amounts of beautiful smoke.

Boldness: 4/5 | Strength: 4.5/5

This cigar took me exactly 60 minutes to smoke and is a great choice as an after dinner cigar due to the uptick in strength. I smoked this stick with my favorite pairing option to date: ouzo. I’ve discussed ouzo once before in a review – it’s an anise-flavored aperitif that has never failed me when pairing with bolder cigars.

padron 1926 series no 6 maduro cigar review

This stick is meant for an intermediate to advanced smoker as the flavor profile is more complex and the heightened strength can leave some feeling ill if they haven’t properly prepared with a good meal.

Part 3: Verdict

Overall, I would give this cigar a 9.5/10. The superior quality coupled with the complexity of flavor makes for an incredibly enjoyable smoking experience. Simply put, if this cigar isn’t already in your humidor, you’re missing out.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Christopher Benedetto
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Photography by Rob McIver Photo

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