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ashton esg 20 year salute cigar review
ashton esg 20 year salute cigar review

Cigar Review: Ashton ESG 20-Year Salute

September 21st, 2017

An exceptional smoke from a powerhouse of the non-Cuban market

Considered one of the finest cigars available in the American market, the Ashton Estate Sun Grown (ESG) line is a Dominican puro that is both elegant and at times difficult to find in your local brick and mortar. The cigar was actually produced to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Ashton Cigars and is unique due to the use of its rare sun grown wrapper from the Fuente Estate. Rolled in limited quantities, the ESG has become a favorite for numerous cigar lovers and comes in some wonderful sizes including the “20-Year Salute,” better known as a Churchill.

ashton esg 20 year salute cigar review

Part 1: General Information

Ashton Estate Sun Grown 20-Year Salute
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Vitola: Churchill (6.75 x 49)
Price: $19.00

Part 2: Analysis

To be fair, I have smoked this cigar in the past though not in this size. It is my duty as a cigar reviewer to give you the most objective review possible without previous trials affecting the current. Off the bat, this cigar has a nuttiness that is unrivaled by any other I’ve smoked before. This nuttiness coupled with a mellow earth and minor spice stays through the entire first third and part of the second third.

As the second third begins to wind down, the spice intensifies as does the earthiness. The nuttiness lingers in the background imparting no flavors of cream or sweetness. As the second third comes to a close I’m met with another uptick in spice and earthiness and a smooth finish of nut distinct from the previous thirds. Overall, the cigar performs like a champ and the flavor profile stays quite consistent.

ashton esg 20 year salute cigar review

This should go without saying but Ashton Cigars rolls some of the best sticks in the business and the ESG line is no different. No touch-ups or relights necessary which is quite the feat taking into account the length and ring gauge of the stick. Bravo, Ashton!

Boldness: 4/5 | Strength: 4/5

This cigar took me about 80 minutes to smoke and is a great choice for a round of 18 with the guys. With this particular stick I consciously decided to drink Pellegrino. I believe carbonated water allows you to get the most of out a smoke and I wanted to taste the cigar for what it was without anything to enhance or complement the flavor profile.

ashton esg 20 year salute cigar review

This stick is meant for an intermediate smoker as the strength can be a bit much though the flavor profile is easy to detect.

Part 3: Verdict

Overall, I would give this cigar a 9/10. The flawless construction and beautiful flavors make this rating easy a no-brainer. Ashton is a powerhouse in the non-Cuban market and the ESG is one of its hallmarks. So what are you waiting for? Go get some, you won’t be sorry.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Christopher Benedetto
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