The Grey Suit Reinvented: How to Freshen up a Classic

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The grey suit doesn't have to be worn just for work.

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Fresco is the ideal fabric when you want to look sharp but stay cool.

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Having the right pair of sunglasses adds an extra layer of cool.

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Refresh your grey suit with a simple t-shirt look.

How to give your classic grey suit a new look

The grey suit is a foundational business essential. Like your traditional navy suit, a grey suit is something you will wear over and over again throughout the course of your life. You’d be naïve to believe that you can’t find any occasion where a grey suit would be an appropriate option.

The belief that a grey suit has to look boring or unimaginative is completely false. I’m going to show you how to freshen up your classic grey suit to make it feel like it’s the newest addition to your closet.

So what type of suit is ideal? Spring is the time of year when the weather can be unpredictable. When it’s warm, wet, and windy, finding the perfect lightweight suit that can keep you cool without compromising on style can be tricky.

classic grey suit outfit idea 2019

My recommendation: a grey suit in a fresco fabric. Fresco consists of multiple strands of yarn and high-twisted wool with an open weave, allowing the fabric to be airy, yet durable. It’s designed specifically with summer in mind and although the open weave allows airflow, its crisp feel and look doesn’t lend itself to wrinkle the way linen would. For maximum versatility, choose a partially lined version that can work for multiple seasons.

classic grey suit outfit idea 2019

Brian has featured this type of look on HeSpoke Style a few times and for good reason. Wearing a t-shirt under your suit is one of the simplest ways to update an old suit, yet many men don’t explore it for some reason. Open to your thoughts on why down below in the comments.

classic grey suit outfit idea 2019

classic grey suit outfit idea 2019

There are simple ground rules I like to follow when wearing a t-shirt with a grey suit. First, always wear it tucked. We don’t have to get into why, just trust me. Second, keep it simple. Stick to a solid color. Especially if your suit has a pattern. If it’s a solid color suit, try a horizontal stripe in navy and white for a Parisian feel. Lastly, iron your t-shirt. You heard that correctly. Wrinkles affect all garments, so take the time to iron it so you look sharp.

classic grey suit outfit idea 2019

| WEARING | Suitsupply fresco suit, Uniqlo t-shirt, white low-top sneakers, Eyebuy Direct sunglasses, Orient watch | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Mark Asuncion

The suit with sneakers thing can be a touchy subject, but in my opinion, it works perfectly with this relaxed t-shirt look. White being the most versatile pair to own, stick to something neutral. Also, make sure they’re clean.

classic grey suit outfit idea 2019

Finally, top it off with the right pair of sunglasses. Don’t be that guy who always wears the same pair of sunglasses. Having a variation of different styles shows that you care about the finishing touches.

Tell us, would you wear the suit and t-shirt look?

Stylishly Yours,

Steven D. Elliott
He Spoke Style


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  • grey0135

    Agree about fresco. One of my favorite suits is a mid grey, 13 oz 3 ply fresco. The open weave makes it comfortable in the summer, while the weight (at 13 oz) makes it work in chillier conditions as well, if not in dead of winter.

    As for T and sneakers, I guess it depends where you live, but best to avoid unless you want to look like a complete poseur. A better version of this look substitutes a crew neck or roll neck top (merino or cashmere) for the T. If still avoid sneakers.

  • Eric White

    Fresco is one of my favorite for the summer! I think now a days wearing Tess and sneakers with the suit it kinda become the fashion… yeah yes its indeed have it advantages especially in the summers!