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Sunglasses: Key Styles - He Spoke Style
Sunglasses: Key Styles - He Spoke Style
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Sunglasses: Key Styles

August 20th, 2014

| TOP TO BOTTOM | Ray-Ban Clubmasters, Ray-Ban New Wayfarers, Persol 0649 Aviators, Oliver Peoples Sheldrake | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

When building a collection of anything, you should always start with the basics. What are those staples and key pieces that will always work hard for you and keep paying you back? Long time readers should have a pretty good handle wardrobe basics at this point—peruse the Style Guide for some inspiration—and you should take that same approach when building up your accessories collection. Here, I break down four key styles of sunglasses.

1. Brown Classics

Sunglasses: Key Styles - He Spoke Style

| PICTURED | Ray-Ban Clubmasters

A pair of classic shades in brown are an absolute must. Brown is super versatile, which, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, is one of the key elements to consider when deciding what to add to your collection. I wear my Clubmasters more than any other pair of sunglasses I own.

My pick online: Ray-Ban Classic Clubmasters, $150

Budget-friendly alternatives: AJ Morgan ($30) or ASOS ($15)

2. Badass Black

Sunglasses: Key Styles - He Spoke Style

| PICTURED | Ray-Ban New Wayfarers

If you’re only going to have two pairs of shoes, you should have a brown pair and a black pair. Same with sunglasses. There’s nothing like the classic badass cool of a simple pair of black wayfarers. When I’m planning to head out on my bike, these are usually the first ones I reach for.

My pick online: Ray-Ban New Wayfarers, $130

Budget-friendly alternatives: Reclaimed Vintage ($39) or ASOS ($15)

3. Aviators

Sunglasses: Key Styles - He Spoke Style

| PICTURED | Persol 0649 Aviators

Aviators are another classic style, but they can be something of an acquired taste. Having a fairly narrow face, I have to admit that I’m often envious of the ability of people with “regular” sized faces to be able to pull off a wider variety of styles, especially aviators. Luckily, there are plenty of sizing options so all you’ve got to do, if you’re like me, is spend a little time trying a few options on until you figure out what size is right for you.

My pick online: Persol 0649s, $370

Budget-friendly alternatives: Ray-Ban Original Aviators ($145) or ASOS ($15)

4. Fun & Funky

Sunglasses: Key Styles - He Spoke Style

| PICTURED | Oliver Peoples Sheldrake

It’s up to you to decide what fun and funky means. And it’s your personal comfort level that will determine just how fun and funky you want to be. My advice is to stay away from brightly colored frames—think, neon—as well as mirrored lenses. Instead, go with a clear/opaque frame in a muted color. Fun and funky doesn’t have to mean flamboyant.

My pick online: Oliver Peoples Sheldrake, $405

Budget-friendly alternatives: Hans Kjøbenhavn ($145) or ASOS ($23)

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Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

He Spoke Style

Photography by Rob McIver Photo.

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