5 Pairs of Loafers To Wear This Summer

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Simple and classic: the easy weekender.

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Socks or no socks? The debate rages on.

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Sharp casual date in the park.

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We prefer no-show socks.

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All linen light summer classics. Tie optional, but encouraged.

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One of the first nice pair of loafers I ever acquired. That was nearly four years ago and they're still going strong. The Allen Edmonds Grand Cayman.

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Afternoon break during the workweek.

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With a rubber sole, a pair of horsebit loafers doesn't have to be uber dressy.

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With a seersucker suit for a summer wedding.

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No brainer.

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Summer classics in linen and cotton.

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A leather tassel loafer adds just the right amount of class to a pair of white chinos.

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A tassel loafer will also dress up a simple, somewhat casual, outfit.

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Two-inch cuff all the way.

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The iconic Tod's Gommino leather driving loafer.

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Also perfect for a Friday happy hour.

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When you're dealing with a colorful shoe - i.e. not brown or black - turn to white pants or white denim, as the neutral pant will accept any color shoe.

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A variation on the last theme - a slightly different take.

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Again, you can never go wrong with white pants in the summer.

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Keep the kiltie summery with a dual material construction. Linen and leather together at last.

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The ultimate high-low combination. Suit, t-shirt and kiltie loafers? Oh yeah.

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Kiltie tassel loafers by Suitsupply.

A guide to five of the best men’s loafer styles to wear this summer

Summertime means that it’s loafer season. And since we’ve still got several good weeks of warm weather ahead of us, I thought it would be a good time to go over some of our favorite loafer styles.

The loafer is a timeless classic when it comes to men’s footwear. There’s something leisurely but elegant about a great loafer.

Here are five of our favorites for summer.

1. Suede Penny Loafers

best loafers summer mens 2016

The penny loafer is one of the all-time greatest casual classics. They pair well with just about any type of trouser – casual or otherwise – including jeans, chinos, or linen pants.

We like a suede pair instead of leather for summer. Suede adds some texture and softens the overall appearance, making the loafer appear slightly more casual. Though it’s just as easily dressed up for work.

2. Horsebit Loafers

best loafers summer mens 2016

The horsebit loafer is sometimes referred to as the “Gucci loafer.” That’s because in the late 1960s, when Gucci “updated” the popular penny loafer with a metal strip across the front in the shape of a horse tack, the brand’s name became interchangeable with the style.

Today, many brands make horsebit loafers. A rubber sole helps balance out the formality of the horsebit slightly, making them a versatile choice for many different types of occasions. A good pair will last for years. I’ve more than gotten my money out of my favorite Allen Edmonds Grand Caymans.

3. Leather Tassel Loafers

best loafers summer mens 2016

Like many of our favorite loafers, the tassel loafer is known for being durable, timeless and versatile. In leather, they’re on the slightly dressier side of the spectrum, which makes them the perfect choice for any classic summer look.

4. Driving Moccasins

best loafers summer mens 2016

Though they were originally designed for driving, the driving moccasin (or, driving shoe or driver) has evolved to be worn daily as well. Characterized by a flat bottom and grippy rubber stud on the soles, they’re quite possibly the ultimate casual everyday loafer. And the iconic Tod’s Gommino is the archetype.

5. Kiltie Loafers

best loafers summer mens 2016

Kiltie loafers are, honestly, a fun little shoe. They’re a little dressy. They’re a little dandy. They’re a pair of loafers for the guy who is confident in his style. A real “shoe guy’s” kind of shoe.

Despite their quirkiness, the kiltie loafer is surprisingly versatile. Wear them to work when your feet feel a little fancy or spice up a casual shorts and polo look on the weekend.

Thanks for reading.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa
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