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Happenings January 19th, 2024

Pitti Party! Wm Brown At Harry’s Bar The Garden

Happenings January 19th, 2024

A Highlight Of The Pitti Uomo Social Calendar

I think it apt to begin this post with a Negroni analogy.

For those who’ve often wondered from afar just what exactly Pitti Uomo is all about, well, it’s pretty much an equal parts cocktail.

There is, of course, the “main” reason people attend — buyers are there to view and potentially place orders for various wares from various brands. It is a trade show, after all.

There is the reason that most casual observers would — somewhat rightly — believe to be the main reason people attend, which is to stand around, preen, be seen, and hopefully get their photo snapped for five seconds of fame on Vogue or some other publication.

And then there is the social aspect.

Once the fair shuts down for the day, that’s when the menswear faithful really come out to play. There are all manner of events in the evenings, from intimate black tie dinners to presentations and everything in between. And while it can sometimes seem almost impossible to attend everything one wants — the first evening we had no less than five parties to show our faces at — that’s honestly all part of the flavor and excitement of Pitti Uomo.

Among the various soirées, the Wm Brown party at Sina Villa Medici’s Harry’s Bar The Garden is always a highlight of the Pitti Uomo social calendar. Hosted by our good friend Matt Hranek (and co-hosted this edition by our brother Angel Ramos, Fox Brothers, and New & Lingwood), it’s an evening where Negronis flow like water, the guests are sharply dressed, the conversation is always engaging, and the band plays and plays and plays (there was a rumor that I’d sit in with them…)


Which is another way to say that it’s a can’t miss event.

So Mike, Angel, and I suited up in black tie (we had a dinner after the party), hopped in a cab, and got to doing what menswear guys in Florence do.

Here’s a photo report from the night’s festivities.

Stylishly Yours,

Brian Sacawa

Brian Sacawa is the Founder of He Spoke Style and one of the original men’s style influencers. Since 2013, his goal has remained the same: to provide men the advice and inspiration they need to dress well, develop their personal style, and gain more confidence. Brian’s interest and passion for men’s style and luxury watches has led to his writing for The Robb Report, The Rake, and Sotheby’s and he has been quoted on menswear in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, Brides Magazine, and the Huffington Post. He lives in the woods north of Baltimore with his wife, Robin, kitties Nick and Nora, and German Shepherd/Collie mix Charlie.

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Photography by Rob McIver


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