Ah, the weekend. Time to sleep in, recharge, drink cocktails in the afternoon, and catch up on what you may have missed during the week that was. I personally can’t help you with the first three items, but I can assist with the last. Here are some of my favorite links from around the web this week in style, culture, tech, and the funny pages.

Scott Schuman says Milan is underrated. Having just fallen in love with the city myself, I’d have to agree.

Medical epiphany of the year: it’s okay to be addicted to coffee.

I didn’t watch the Oscars so I can’t confirm or deny that this was better.

When the snow turns to rain in April, you’ll want to be ready.

An elegant examination of the power of the tuxedo.

While everybody was making a big fuss over this dress, another infamous dress made an unexpected cameo.

I want to see the analytics for this. I’ll wager that it’s used most on Mondays.

Is geek chic actually going to be a thing? Probably not. Sorry, geeks.

And you know what? Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t give a f*** about what you think. Here’s an illustrated guide on what to do with your opinion.

Someone at the Smithsonian deserves an award for helping people preserve their dignity.

Nothing can be more embarrassing than not knowing how to pronounce a certain brand name but pretending like you do and then getting it wrong. Come on, you know you’ve done it. Do you say these brands properly?

Sadly, I will never know what this feels like.

Hey, we talk about whiskey! We don’t want our whiskey talking to us. Unless, of course, it has a good joke, advice on stocks, or information leading to buried treasure.

Libras of the world, rejoice! There’s an app for decision making.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.

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